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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Sports/Fitness

These products are perfect for all fitness enthusiasts, from hardcore gym rats to amateur athletes. From stocking stuffers to apparel and more, this list has something for every price point and every fitness level. Gear […]

09.15.16 Score Thursdays Darby’s Pub and Grill Minneapolis MN


Gay Ex-Player Billy Bean Wants To Focus on Baseball, But Baseball Wants To Focus On Diversity

“Life is so constructed, that the event does not, cannot, will not, match the expectation.” —Charlotte Brontë Billy Bean’s life seems to have been constructed around mismatching expectation. During his early adulthood, he was a […]

08.18.16 Score Thursdays Bluestem Bar Minneapolis MN


Playing For The Other Team: Simon Dunn Isn’t Wasting Time

At 6’1” and 215lbs, not many would attempt to pick on Simon Dunn. A lifetime of rugby combined with intense training for the Australian Olympic bobsled team have given Dunn an imposing physique that would […]

07.21.16 Score Thursdays Longfellow Grill Minneapolis MN


06.16.16 Lavender PRIDE Score Thursday EagleBoltBar Minneapolis MN


Silver Fox League Gets Women Over 40 in the Game

Thanks to Title IX, the opportunities available for female athletes in 2016 are undeniably more prevalent than ever. Young women have the chance to participate on athletic teams and even pursue athletic careers, making female […]

Quidditch: A Full-Contact, Gender-Inclusive Sport for Athletic Muggles

Confession time: How many people, after seeing or reading the Harry Potter series, dreamed of zipping around a Quidditch field on a broomstick? How many people have longed to catch the game-winning snitch to the […]

Playing for The Other Team: “Mac” is Back

At the Courts at Mayo Clinic Square, Janel McCarville is ready to sit down. Having just completed a three-hour practice, the Lynx finished their morning with a grueling conditioning session. McCarville paired up with Sylvia […]

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