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Pride at the Town House

Pride at LUSH

2017 Twin Cities Pride Festival Performers

By Amy Brockman Photos courtesy of Twin Cities Pride The 2017 Twin Cities Pride Festival has two full days of free performances on four stages from 12:00–6:00 p.m. on June 24 and 25. The Pride […]

Struggling Sirens

Local musician Chastity Brown brings the soul to rock ‘n’ roll in her new album Silhouette of Sirens, which released on June 2. Written two years ago, Silhouette of Sirens delves deep into Brown’s emotions. “I was going […]

Ruby Jubilee: The Saloon Reaches Its 40th Birthday

Everyone knows that your 50th anniversary is golden, and your 25th anniversary is silver…but what substance has been assigned to the 40th anniversary? Why, the same substance that enwrapped Judy Garland’s tootsies while she indulged in technicolor adventures: […]

19 Bar Celebrates Triple Anniversary This Year

February 6 was the 65th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the British throne in 1952; she’s now the longest-reigning British monarch in history. As well, for the 19 Bar in Minneapolis (with an […]

Keeana Kee Debuts Tropical Single and Video for “Coconut Rum and Coke”

Out singer Keeana Kee has released her debut single “Coconut Rum and Coke” featuring Latin Grammy-winning producer Maffio. Backed by Maffio’s signature reggae beat, Keeana’s sultry voice takes the tropical song from day to night, beach to club, just in time […]

Neighborhood Guide: North Loop and Uptown

Minneapolis: a city of many hats — or should I say neighborhoods. From Central to Northeast, the neighborhoods of Minneapolis are just as diverse as the people in them. With so many neighborhoods and so many […]

Because We Can, Can, Can!

Remember the scene in the movie Moulin Rouge when Ewan McGregor is experiencing the cancan dancers for the first time? Jim Broadbent starts the action and song by Fatboy Slim by yelling “Because we can, can, […]

Barometer: Gay 90’s Hosts Gala Grand Opening of New La Femme Show Lounge

Fabulous Refashioned Space Is Crown Jewel of Megabar On the evening of Jan. 13, the Gay 90’s hosted the gala grand opening of its new La Femme Show Lounge upstairs. This fabulous refashioned space is […]

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