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From The Editor: It’s The Most Fabulous Time Of The Year

Life is crazy. One day, you’re working as a humble newspaper journalist, and the next day, you’re writing a From The Editor essay for the biggest issue of the year for Minnesota’s largest GLBT publication. […]

Days of Future Pride

Pioneers Remember the Dark Days Before Rainbows The youngest members of our GLBT tribe could be forgiven for concluding that Pride was little more than an excuse for companies, big and small, to cash in. […]

Leather Life: Pride—and “RESIST”

It’s time again for Pride, in both GLBT and leather flavors. And this year, Pride is coming not a moment too soon for me. I have seen so much happening lately, nationally and internationally, that ranges […]

Minneapolis Is Ahead In The Poles

Walking into my first pole dancing exercise class was slightly overwhelming. The class before mine (Pole 5) was just wrapping up, so ten graceful bodies were elegantly spinning and contorting six feet off the ground […]

Transgender Christians are Seeing Themselves in Scripture

St. Paul-based author and vlogger Austen Hartke is the creator of the YouTube series Transgender and Christian, which looks to interpret Biblical scripture in relation to gender identity. The following is an excerpt from his recently released […]

2018 Summer in the Cities

Soundset- May 27 Minnesota State Fair Grounds St. Paul, MN $94-204 Spend Memorial Day weekend the right way at the Soundset Festival. Gates open at 11 a.m., but fans start lining up around 6 […]

From The Editor: Here’s To 600 More

With Pride Month coming up, there’s already plenty of reason to celebrate. But for us here at Lavender, we’re giddy already, and that’s because we’ve just hit a major milestone with our 600th issue! A lot […]

Leather Life: A Surprising MN Leather Pride Weekend

Two titles were awarded—and, surprisingly, one was not—at the 2018 Minnesota Leather Pride contest weekend. The contest was held Saturday evening, April 7, 2018 at LUSH. Five contestants competed in three concurrent contests: Sir Zachariah BlackFyre competed for […]

Serving Our Seniors

Training to Serve teaches service providers how to meet the needs of GLBT seniors. Founded in 2009, Training to Serve formed to prepare service providers to properly serve GLBT seniors based on the community’s needs. […]

From The Editor: The Sum(mer) Of All Parts

Well, folks, we’ve made it. In spite of everything Mother Nature lobbed at us in the last few months—I’m looking at you, Awful, No-Good, Record-Breaking Blizzard—we’ve finally arrived at the home stretch to the summer […]

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