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Diverse In Gender, Deserving Of Care

Children’s Minnesota offers transgender and gender diverse children the care they need and deserve with their new Gender Health program. Children’s Minnesota has long been known for its excellence in pediatric care, but it wasn’t […]

JustUs For Justice

Jeremy Hanson Willis joins JustUs Health as chief executive officer, bringing with him several years in GLBT and HIV advocacy. With the combined resources and programs of Minnesota AIDS Project, Rainbow Health Initiative, and Training […]

More Than a Filling

Fiant Dental in Minneapolis has a motto that might cause a double-take: “Dentistry for the Joyful.” That seemingly counter-intuitive motto is part of the clinic’s mission, and Jamie Graham, DDS works with his staff to […]

The Sands Of Love And Identity

The journey for Ali Sands and her partner, Rhys Preston, began with a cup of coffee. The couple had been together for several years when Rhys, in February of 2005, went out to coffee with […]

Home Is Where the Health Is

It’s an enterprise where its practitioners work tirelessly to put themselves out of business. The enterprise is providing shelter for those touched by HIV. “Inadequate housing is a tremendous barrier to achieving good health—especially when […]

04.09.19 JustUs Health: Third Annual Opportunity Conference Minneapolis MN


02.23.19 RECLAIM: 6th Annual Celebrate The Love Brunch 2019 Minneapolis MN


02.13.19 OutFront Minnesota Press Conference: “Mental Health Protection Act” Protects the LGBTQ Community from Conversion Therapy (H.F. 12 and S.F 83) Minnesota State Capitol Saint Paul MN


Out The Window With Radon

Joe Jurusik with Hennepin County Public Health shares how to avoid and eliminate radon from the home. From centuries-old homes to brand-new buildings, radon does not discriminate when it comes to houses. Whether you’re a […]

Skirting The Issues: Remembering

The first time I ever met someone with a “positive” HIV status was in the early 2000s. His name was Doug; he was middle-aged, well-read, and introverted. He told me midway through lunch at a […]

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