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Holiday Gift Guide: Sports and Fitness

With the towers of cookies, platters of honey ham, and mounds of mashed potatoes, it can be easy for our health to be the last thing on our minds during the holiday season. Share the […]

A Word in Edgewise: Rules of Thumb, or, When Not to Eat the Berries

Have you ever, walking down the street, turned instinctively at the sound of something a little “off,” abashed to discover a person with a limp approaching? It doesn’t mean you’re cruel, intending to cause embarrassment. […]

Leather Life: Flagging Black and White Checked in 2017

Rethinking the “Safer Sex” Hankie It was a perfect summer evening, and I was spending it most enjoyably on the recently expanded patio of the eagleBolt Bar in Minneapolis. The occasion was a cigar smoking […]

Celebrating 30 Years of Care from Clare

Imagine being sick because of a virus that has no cure, a virus that has opened the door to infections that are slowly killing you. Now imagine the medical professionals who are supposed to care […]

07.16.17 15th Anniversary Red Ribbon Ride 2017 Closing Ceremony Minnesota State Capitol Saint Paul MN


Chemsex Fueling Sexual Compulsivity

By Terrence Post, LADC An increasing number of men who have sex with men (MSM) are taking part in a combination of drug use and sexual behavior. Recently termed Chemsex, the use of chemicals to […]

Pride Season: Watch for Alcohol Poisoning

By Steph Sianko, MA, LADC Alcohol poisoning, also known as alcohol overdose is caused by high amounts of alcohol being consumed in a short amount of time. The risk of alcohol poisoning varies by gender, ethnicity, […]

BRO: Taking Knowledge to the Community

Hatred toward gay people is not unique to a race or culture. But are there unique factors at play in specific cultural communities in regard to attitudes toward GLBT people? The answer is complex, but DeAndré […]

Rainbow of Sexes: A University of Minnesota Program Supports Genders of Every Frequency

The word “spectrum” usually evokes images of rainbows, and rainbows in June evoke images of Pride…but the word spectrum takes on a whole new meaning when cited at the National Center For Gender Spectrum Health, […]

“The Old Mill Stream”

Abiitan Mill City Turns Aging into Freeflowing Luxury As the current millennium dawned, Minneapolis’s Mill District underwent a radical renaissance. For decades it had lain more or less dormant after decades as the world’s largest […]

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