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Skirting The Issues: Two Things

A few years ago, I received an email from a woman in Christiansburg, West Virginia (yes, it’s a real town) who shared about the death of the relationship between her twenty-something transgender daughter and husband. […]

A Word In Edgewise: Too Close To Home

There are so many disturbing news bytes spewing forth daily from the myriad devices that often one simply eye-rolls, mutters an expletive and scrolls on. Another red face demanding punishment be meted out to those who think/look/act/differently […]

Everyday Drama: The Will

“I’ve had it! I’m calling my lawyer and changing my will!” That’s how a close friend started a phone conversation this morning. I get an I’m-cutting-my-ungrateful-relatives-out-of-my-will call from her once a month. I settled into […]

A Word In Edgewise: Hanging in the Balance

I would wager that after baby’s first “Mama!” or “Daddy!”, its first fully-formed sentence, observing his cute sister cadging a second cookie or his older brother flaunting his new two-wheeler is, “That’s not fair!” Morality is innate, […]

The Sands Of Love And Identity

The journey for Ali Sands and her partner, Rhys Preston, began with a cup of coffee. The couple had been together for several years when Rhys, in February of 2005, went out to coffee with […]

A Fashion For Family

The three of us are sitting in the driveway of the home Christopher Straub designed for his family several years ago. A small family of ducks (yes, they provide the family with fresh eggs) scuttles […]

Eulogy For A Good Boy

He wasn’t the type of heroic and selfless dog you’d see in a Disney movie. He was a coward—except if you were a hamster. Then he was brave.   He killed two hamsters, not by […]

A Day In The Life: Cady Eddy

Name: Cady (sounds like Katie) Eddy Where did you grow up? Vermont Where do you live? South Minneapolis. Who do you live with? My bae, Sarah, and our cat Adelle and dog Kiki. What is […]

A Word In Edgewise: Meditation on an Inland Sea

Barwoorsh…Barwoorsh…Barwoorsh…Strong, steady, soothing, powerful; you could listen to the rhythmic pulse forever. But you don’t have forever, and when the tide goes out, so do you. I lay in a quiet room, a technician amping the sound […]

Only The Best From LSS

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota provides seniors compassion, care, and companionship. With a team of 2,300 employees and 8,000 volunteers, it’s no wonder Lutheran Social Service (LSS) of Minnesota is able to provide care for […]

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