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Real Weddings: Ashley Keul & Beth Bundy

Photography: Studio Laguna Photography, Katrina Hannemann Date: March 21, 2017 (the first full day of Spring) Dating since: October, 2010 Location of Ceremony: Lyndale Park Peace Garden Location of Reception: Shared a private dinner with immediate family Florist: Foraged […]

Real Weddings: Sabrinna & Courtney Berghorst

Photographer: Christine Photography Date of Wedding: July 14, 2017 Dating Since: July 2014 Location of Ceremony: Excelsior Commons, Excelsior Location of Reception: Pique Travel Event Space, Excelsior Florist: Creative Suz Wedding Coordinator: Bridget Boyd Cake: Nothing Bundt […]

A Word In Edgewise: Looking Ahead – and Behind

What will be the outcome of any given marriage of two loving minds? I’m by no means your go-to guy for marriage advice, mine own having lasted the previously mentioned two years less two days. […]

Real Weddings: Thomas Evers & Nguyen Bui

Photographer: Nga Tran; Nana, Daring Greatly Photography Date of Wedding: September 16, 2017 Dating Since: September 14, 2006 Location of Ceremony & Reception: Green Acres Event Center, Eden Prairie Paper Pinwheels: Nguyen Bui Cake: Keys Café […]

Skirting the Issues: Allies

I’ve written before about how transgender folks (and yes, even the great Ellie Krug!) need allies, particularly those who engage in “allyship”—the action part of being an ally. “Action” as in, “Hey dude, you just […]

Skirting The Issues: Dating Revisited

The last time I wrote about dating—in 2013, I believe—I lamented how exceedingly difficult it was to snag a date, let alone forge a real romantic relationship. Given that others told me I was relatively […]

Leather Life: Flagging Black and White Checked in 2017

Rethinking the “Safer Sex” Hankie It was a perfect summer evening, and I was spending it most enjoyably on the recently expanded patio of the eagleBolt Bar in Minneapolis. The occasion was a cigar smoking […]

Dateland: Total Eclipse Of My Heart

I’m writing this a few weeks before our world goes dark. A total solar eclipse will slide on a narrow path across the beltline of this country in late August. When you are in the […]

Chow Down with Chowgirls

The location, the apparel, the venue, the guest list, the first dance, the music: what’s not to worry about in the midst of the chaos of planning a wedding? With so many things to think […]

Be Authentic, Be Yourself, Bespoke

If I had to label anything the “dumbest invention ever” it would be the label “one size fits all.” How is the same article of clothing going to fit two different people, two different body […]

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