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Dateland: The Fairy Tale Continues

Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to read a compilation of all the people who have been killed by alligators in Florida since 1990. Especially not right before we headed to an alligator-rich area to […]

Dateland: Women I Don’t Like, Vol. 2

I’m Facebook friends with my archenemy. Several years ago, when I learned she was leaving the company we worked for, I broke out in a jig in my office. And I don’t even know how […]

A House is not a Home Without Hutton

The Hutton House offers a great wedding venue for couples looking for a combination of urban and rural. A modern farmhouse design, The Hutton House is located in a suburb on Medicine Lake just 10 […]

Real Weddings: Allison Gustafson & Amy Poitra

Photographer: Bellagala Date of Wedding: September 23, 2017 Dating Since: 2012 Location of Ceremony & Reception: Schells Stage at West End Market and History & Heritage Center (Minnesota State Fair Grounds) Florist: DIY Cake: Nothing Bundt […]

Real Weddings: Rory & Josh Zamansky

Photographer: M Photography Date of Wedding: November 11, 2017 Dating Since: On/off, then on again; 18 months prior to the wedding Location of Ceremony: Beth El Synagogue, St. Louis Park Location of Reception: Oak Ridge Country […]

Real Weddings: Beverly & Beth Luther Quast

Photographer: Tandem Tree, Kate & Karl Kloos Date of Wedding: October 14, 2017 Dating Since: May 18, 2013 Location of Ceremony & Reception: The Loring Bar & Restaurant; The Varsity Theater Officiant: Rabbi Michael Latz, […]

Our Wedding Story: The Red to his White

Adam Hirsch and Joe Livingston share the story of their relationship and unique wedding. Adam Hirsch and Joe Livingston met like many couples do: in college. However, the beginning of their relationship started the way […]

Real Weddings: Nathan Kells & Michael Olson

Photographer: Brianna Collier and John Innes Date of Wedding: September 1, 2017 Dating Since: August 14, 2015 Location of Ceremony & Reception: Stonebrooke Golf Club, Shakopee Florist: Event Lab, Inc. Wedding Coordinator: Teddi Sellick Cake: […]

Our Wedding Story: A Love Story Fit for a King and a Queenie

Renata and Emi Nijiya share the story of how they fell in love and details about their wedding. Virginia and Minnesota might seem like they’re worlds apart, but for Renata and Emi Nijiya, they couldn’t […]

Dateland: Women I Don’t Like, Vol. 1

A few months ago, my spouse, C, was invited to dinner by a woman of some renown in their shared profession. I do not like this woman—let’s call her Horrible (not her real name). In […]

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