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Dateland: The Evil Asparagus

This morning I received a call from my good friend, Stacy, detailing an unfolding work drama with her new archenemy. The archenemy is named Fifi. “Is she a poodle?” I asked. A fair question given […]

A Total Eclipse of the Start

From the Beginning, A Local Couple Prove To Be Anything But Star-Crossed It all came together, more or less, in August of 2017. Two Minnesota girls had come all the way to the Cornhusker State, […]

Skirting The Issues: Three Years

Hello. I’m Ellie and I’m an alcoholic. If I make it to June 28 (a few days after this year’s Pride Weekend) without taking a drink, I will have been sober for three years. In […]

Dateland: Vowless

A year and a half ago, as we were drafting our wedding vows, I wanted us both to promise to never, ever, keep Cheez It crackers in the house. We quickly decided to keep that […]

Dateland: Shanghai Madam

Last week, I received the following email message from my friend Scott: “New bio of Wallis Simpson released. Read immediately. Then discuss asap.” Even though Scott is only ten years older than me, he prefers […]

Skirting The Issues: Ellie Gets Braces!

Seven weeks ago, I got braces. Yes, you read that right—Ellie Krug, 61 years old—has braces for the first time in her life. I escaped the ordeal of braces as a teenager because my teeth […]

A Day In The Life: Denise ‘Seven’ Bailey

Name: Denise ‘Seven’ Bailey Age: 36 Where did you grow up? Winona, MN Where do you live? Minneapolis, MN Who do you live with? My wife, roommate, two bunnies, cat, dog, and our turtle. What […]

Dateland: The Fairy Tale Continues

Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to read a compilation of all the people who have been killed by alligators in Florida since 1990. Especially not right before we headed to an alligator-rich area to […]

Dateland: Women I Don’t Like, Vol. 2

I’m Facebook friends with my archenemy. Several years ago, when I learned she was leaving the company we worked for, I broke out in a jig in my office. And I don’t even know how […]

A House is not a Home Without Hutton

The Hutton House offers a great wedding venue for couples looking for a combination of urban and rural. A modern farmhouse design, The Hutton House is located in a suburb on Medicine Lake just 10 […]

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