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The Sands Of Love And Identity

The journey for Ali Sands and her partner, Rhys Preston, began with a cup of coffee. The couple had been together for several years when Rhys, in February of 2005, went out to coffee with […]

Put On A Happy Ace

“We have feelings and emotions.” The moment the words are out of Tyrell’s mouth, the entire group erupts into nods, mhmms, and “yass”es. The eight people at the table are a smallish representation of the […]

Eulogy For A Good Boy

He wasn’t the type of heroic and selfless dog you’d see in a Disney movie. He was a coward—except if you were a hamster. Then he was brave.   He killed two hamsters, not by […]

A Day In The Life: Cady Eddy

Name: Cady (sounds like Katie) Eddy Where did you grow up? Vermont Where do you live? South Minneapolis. Who do you live with? My bae, Sarah, and our cat Adelle and dog Kiki. What is […]

Skirting The Issues: Committed

On top of speaking and training on human inclusivity across the country—and in addition to writing for this and another local magazine and hosting a weekly radio show—I’m the kind of person who horribly over-commits. […]

Everyday Drama: A Day In the Life of a Step Parent

You wake up and make your lunch. Hide your lunch on the back porch so the kid doesn’t grab it by mistake. He once took your lunch shortly after you entered his life four years ago. It […]

Everyday Drama: Dog Park Diary

We leave for the park at 7 a.m. We used to go much earlier—between 4 and 5 a.m. Before coffee. I’d hustle my little pack out of the house and into the car. But this […]

Salt And Pepper Say “I Do”

Ryan LaBoy and Joel Bergeland prove why opposites attract (and then get married). It might have been anything but love at first sight for Ryan LaBoy and Joel Bergeland, but three years after their first […]

Goin’ To Chanhassen, And We’re Gonna Get Married

Chanhassen Dinner Theatres doubles as the perfect venue to tie the knot. Chanhassen Dinner Theatres is known as a fun entertainment destination for all theater lovers and food lovers, but public relations director Kris Howland […]

The Guys Have It

Let The Wedding Guys help mold your wedding into the unforgettable experience you’ve always dreamed of. Planning a wedding can be hard. There is a lot of energy involved in putting together the perfect day. […]

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