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Diverse In Gender, Deserving Of Care

Children’s Minnesota offers transgender and gender diverse children the care they need and deserve with their new Gender Health program. Children’s Minnesota has long been known for its excellence in pediatric care, but it wasn’t […]

JustUs For Justice

Jeremy Hanson Willis joins JustUs Health as chief executive officer, bringing with him several years in GLBT and HIV advocacy. With the combined resources and programs of Minnesota AIDS Project, Rainbow Health Initiative, and Training […]

More Than a Filling

Fiant Dental in Minneapolis has a motto that might cause a double-take: “Dentistry for the Joyful.” That seemingly counter-intuitive motto is part of the clinic’s mission, and Jamie Graham, DDS works with his staff to […]

The Sands Of Love And Identity

The journey for Ali Sands and her partner, Rhys Preston, began with a cup of coffee. The couple had been together for several years when Rhys, in February of 2005, went out to coffee with […]

Home Is Where the Health Is

It’s an enterprise where its practitioners work tirelessly to put themselves out of business. The enterprise is providing shelter for those touched by HIV. “Inadequate housing is a tremendous barrier to achieving good health—especially when […]


Family & Friends

Skirting The Issues: Authenticity

Hello again dear gentle readers! I’m back from a mini sabbatical that allowed me to pen nearly 50,000 words of varying quality toward my second book, Being Ellen. It was quite wonderful—heaven for this closet […]

Everyday Drama: The Block Party – Episode 1

The invitation to the block party came late at night. I woke one morning to find it slipped under our door.  “I guess we’re finally going to meet our neighbors,” I told my spouse as […]

A Word In Edgewise: Apples to Oranges, Let Me Count the Ways

I’m a word, not a numbers person. Talk of a billion, much less scads of billions, leaves me adrift with nary a footprint to follow, no verbal means to gauge the scale. For example: As of […]

A Day In The Life: Karl Gustafson

Name: Karl Gustafson Where did you grow up? Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Eagan, Minnesota Where do you live? Highland Park, St. Paul Who do you live with? The love of my life, my husband of […]

Everyday Drama: Day of the Dolphin

About a year ago, I started reading a book about attempts by human researchers to communicate with dolphins. Most of these experiments—in typical human fashion—have been stupid and dangerous to the dolphins.  In one famous […]



Guide to Grand Avenue: Pet-Friendly Businesses

Let’s face it, there are very few places we go where we don’t want to bring our pets. Thanks to these Grand Avenue businesses, we no longer have to leave our furry friends at home while gallivanting […]

Eulogy For A Good Boy

He wasn’t the type of heroic and selfless dog you’d see in a Disney movie. He was a coward—except if you were a hamster. Then he was brave.   He killed two hamsters, not by […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Pets

From significant others to parents to children to coworkers, holiday shopping can be exhausting—both for you and the wallet. But when it comes to our most beloved, there isn’t a gift we wouldn’t give or […]

Fighting For Our Feline Friends

Minnesota-based no-kill organization Feline Rescue helps find the furriest of friends new homes. After the Animal Relief Fund (ARF) closed its shelter in 1997, a group of ARF volunteers decided to form a new organization […]

The Puppy Commandments

Come, Sit, Stay provides care and exercise for pets in Minneapolis, Edina, St. Louis Park, and St. Paul. Come, Sit, Stay is the name of the business, but the lessons it teaches our furry friends […]


Lifestyles & Communities

From The Editor: A Harvest Of Love

You know, a lot of folks say that May is prime time for weddings. And it makes sense: the warm weather is back, the spring colors fancy up our surroundings, and spring just feels like […]

Walk The Walk

The 31st annual Minnesota Walk to End HIV returns Saturday, Oct. 12 in Minnehaha Regional Park. This year’s Minnesota Walk to End HIV, previously called the Minnesota AIDS Walk, will take place in the same […]

From The Editor: The Belle Of The Fall

Break out the pumpkin spice and Halloween decorations, because fall is finally here! And while it’s hard not to love all the autumn colors and fancy fall foliage, the season’s also a stark reminder that, […]

Leather Life: Five New Leather Titleholders

The fifth annual Minnesota Leather Pride (MNLP) weekend was held Aug. 9-11, 2019. As part of the weekend, on Saturday evening, Aug. 10, Minnesota’s leather community gained four new leather titleholders. The MNLP titles are owned and […]

Building Up Bi+

The Bisexual Organizing Project is celebrating 20 years of uniting, supporting, and building up the bi+ community. On the surface, the GLBT community is welcoming and inclusive for everybody, and while this is something the […]



From Orange County To The Mini Apple

Ore Lindenfeld discusses living life as a gay man and an observant Jew, and how religion and sexuality can beautifully complement one another. Some of you might remember Ore Lindenfeld from last year’s Pride issue […]

Unitarian With Pride

“It’s like a sing-a-long, a TED talk, a poetry reading, and a concert,” Jim Foti, assistant minister at First Unitarian grins. “And a meal. There’s always a lunch afterwards.” Jim is describing a typical assembly […]

It’s in the Cards: J.Ryan and the Queer Street Tarot

Throughout time humans have asked: “Where do I hunt the mammoth?” “How can I find love?” “When will I finish my novel?”, seeking answers in rocks, tortoise shells, reindeer shoulder bones—and cards. The Tarot has a long […]

Transgender Christians are Seeing Themselves in Scripture

St. Paul-based author and vlogger Austen Hartke is the creator of the YouTube series Transgender and Christian, which looks to interpret Biblical scripture in relation to gender identity. The following is an excerpt from his recently released […]

Skirting the Issues: Moose Lake

There is no Them. There are only facets of Us. — John Green, American author I’m standing in a room—a gymnasium, actually—posing for a picture with several GLBT- identifying humans in Moose Lake, Minnesota. Only, […]


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