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Recipes from Rainbow Chefs

I love going to restaurants a little bit more than I love making good food, but both are high in my esteem. This unbalanced scale has everything to do with time, energy, and inclination; the […]

From Minnesota, With Love: The Drinks

The idea of hiring a bartender of name for a wedding might be new to Minnesotans. We’re a humble sort, so naming a drink slinger and branding your big day’s booze might not be at […]

Down on the Farm with the Beekman Boys

Who are the Fabulous Beekman Boys? Short answer: Two city guys who bought a farm. They’ve got a herd of goats, a llama, and a whole lotta drama. Farming isn’t easy, but they make farming […]

From the Editor: Send Pastries

Oh, the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. It’s a fun issue to put together; I really enjoy seeing what the columnists give us for wish lists and must-haves. There is so much to find out there, […]

Fall Cocktails

The sophisticated drinker has more options for drinking about town with every restaurant opening. This year alone has included more openings than ever. Unfortunately, not every menu touting “craft” cocktails is worth the price of […]

Throw Your Own Pride Party

The idea this year was to inspire you with the ‘Ultimate PRIDE Spread.’  A buffet loaded with colorful recipes, savory and sweet.  Coloring food can go from amazing to trashy fairly quickly, so it was […]

Throw Your Own: Of Cakes and Plates

Shouldn’t your wedding be as unique as the two of you?   My thought was to create wedding cakes based off dinnerware patterns you can register for that would inspire you to look at your own […]

Tapas with Ross Sveback at the 2013 Home & Garden Show

It’s the time of year when the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show rolls around–you know, the season that’s a bit more cold and grey than we’d like…so we start daydreaming about when we can plant […]

Scottish Shortbread Cookies from Bret Bannon

The year ‘2007’ is the date carved on the back of my shortbread mold. As the holidays roll around again and I take it from its designated place in the pantry to bake another batch, […]

Holiday Recipe: Parmesan Herb Crackers

Holiday entertaining is already underway and these savory crackers are always delicious as part of your party buffet.   The dough can be made ahead and then baked off as needed.  Include them as as part […]

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