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Repeating The Past: A Spring Cocktail: Bee’s Knees

Pop a Bottle: How to Unleash Your Inner Sommelier

Wine. We drink it, we bond over it, we bring it to parties, we sip it alone after a long day. We don’t need science to tell us a well-chilled glass of good Champagne is a […]

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Andy Lien

KRUPS Savoy 12-Cup Thermal ET351 The newest coffee maker on the market features a thermal carafe, which purportedly keeps coffee warm for up to four hours, but my road testing has had me sipping still-warm […]

The Cookie Creative: Manipulating Icing

Everyone has a memory related to cookies. Whether it’s dunking Oreos in milk when you were little or watching your grandma make Christmas cookies, somewhere in your memory is an event involving cookies. Holly Nolan’s […]

Recipe: Pride Pasta

June is Pride Month and I just love a good reason to try out some artistic recipes. In the past, Lavender has featured Pride recipes by Ross Sveback and I hope you go back to […]

Recipe: Bacon Granola

You read that right: bacon granola. Last year, I was surprised by how easy it is to make granola rather than buy it. What’s more, there are countless ways to modify your homemade granola, from […]

Recipe: Red Velvet Waffles for Two

Red velvet cake has given us such wonderful flavors and dessert options. The chocolatey cake with cream cheese frosting and that hint of red (or smack across the face of red) is both alluring and […]

Recipe: Spaghetti Squash Casserole

The only thing heavy about this recipe is the amount of garlic it calls for; the rest makes for a light and comforting side dish. Once you have the cooked and cooled squash, putting it […]

Recipe: Dutch Baby Pancake

Also called pannekoeken, dutch babies are a cross between a souffle and a baked pancake (and sometimes just called a baked pancake). Some people decide to use a blender to whip up the batter, others find that […]

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Bradley Traynor

ClassPass  The best thing you can gift yourself or a friend this holiday season is the gift of sweat. What better way to burn the Christmas calories away than with unlimited spin, yoga, pilates, and […]

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