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Recipes & Cooking

Cookin’ Up A Powderhorn Storm

For the first year ever, the Powderhorn Culinary Arts Show will feature cooks of all skill levels on Oct. 19. Whether you own your own restaurant, you’re a novice in your kitchen at home, or […]

Un Appétit Pour La Vie

Twin Cities chef extraordinaire Bret Bannon discusses life in the kitchen and being his authentic self. “I try to inspire people to have joy in their lives,” Bret Bannon smiles across the table. We are […]

Pop a Bottle: How to Unleash Your Inner Sommelier

Wine. We drink it, we bond over it, we bring it to parties, we sip it alone after a long day. We don’t need science to tell us a well-chilled glass of good Champagne is a […]

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Andy Lien

KRUPS Savoy 12-Cup Thermal ET351 The newest coffee maker on the market features a thermal carafe, which purportedly keeps coffee warm for up to four hours, but my road testing has had me sipping still-warm […]

The Cookie Creative: Manipulating Icing

Everyone has a memory related to cookies. Whether it’s dunking Oreos in milk when you were little or watching your grandma make Christmas cookies, somewhere in your memory is an event involving cookies. Holly Nolan’s […]


Home & Yard

Life, Love, And Coloring Books

Theo Lorenz talks about their journey as a realtor, author, and a staunch advocate for the trans and non-binary communities. Long before Theo Lorenz began their journey as a Twin Cities realtor, they always had […]

Little Canada, Big Lions

David Carroll shares what led him to opening Lions Share Maintenance, a pressure washing service based in Little Canada, and the services they offer. David Carroll was working for a window cleaning company for about […]

Shine Bright Like A Lappin

Electrical company Lappin Lighting has been lighting up the Midwest since 1919, but today it does so much more. Lappin Lighting has seen quite a bit of improvement. In 1919, the family-owned electrical distributor was […]

A Little Slice Of Heaven

The Parade of Homes has been a staple of the Minnesota home-buying experience since 1949. Presented by the BATC-Housing First Minnesota, the event’s seventy-year history speaks volumes to its value to homebuyers and architecture lovers […]

The Lift That Keeps On Giving

When it comes to home renovation, you want a contractor that you can trust. Sarah Gaskill and Dominica DiPiazza turned to their neighbors for a recommendation when they began thinking about making changes in their […]


Crafting & Home Arts

New Today, Old Tomorrow

Emuble Furnishing, a Minneapolis-based vintage furniture store, sells more than just furniture. At Emuble Furnishing, the outdated, the has-been, and the so-yesterday are more than welcome. Owned by Mike Kranz and Jose Rivera, Emuble Furnishing […]

Garage Doors and Showroom Floors

Jewelry By Johan has come a long way from its garage days. If you look at the products sold by Jewelry By Johan, one word would come to mind: glamour. Which is why you might […]

Home Is Where The Hennepin Is

Hennepin Made offers the finest blown glass lighting in the county, and possibly even the world. In 2011, Jackson Schwartz and Joe Limpert opened Hennepin Made’s first studio in Northeast Minneapolis on Hennepin Avenue (of […]

Diamonds To Die For

John Sorich IV shares Diamonds Direct MN’s sparkling history and offerings. Let’s face it, diamonds are everyone’s best friend. This is a concept that was fully understood by John Sorich III, who started Diamonds Direct […]

Swooning Over Scheherazade

Scheherazade Jewelers brings the sparkle to the Twin Cities. Shine bright with some of the finest jewelry from Scheherazade Jewelers at the Galleria in Edina. Established in 1970, Scheherazade is one of the longest Galleria […]


Vehicles & Rides

Our Rides Road Trip: Celebrating Pride in Fargo-Moorhead

Pride season is far from over here in the Upper Midwest. So far this year, we showed our love for community and culture from Twin Cities Pride to other celebrations in smaller communities within and […]


Our Rides: 2020 Hyundai Palisade Preview

What do Rainbow Families want in a vehicle? Space for kids, pets, and everything they’ll take on a vacation, for starters. They also want to be comfortable driving a vehicle that is not too big […]


Our Rides: Mercedes-Benz…at The Mall of America?

Sometimes, automotive consumers really want a space to look and, possibly, shop for their next vehicle. While most dealerships offer a hassle-free, no-pressure environment, some customers hate the process of car shopping altogether. They are […]


Our Rides: Riding Along With Metro Transit

Every week, Metro Transit’s buses and trains welcome over 264,000 riders on average. That comes out to more than 80 million riders a year. It serves as the core of our transportation system here in […]


Our Rides: The Next Wave of EVs

Let us ask ourselves a question: What is an electric vehicle these days? If we based the answer strictly on the Jaguar I-Pace we reviewed earlier this year, it should be a vehicle that does […]


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