Ask Lambda Legal, February 2016 – Can My Boss Legally Ban My Transgender Coworker from Using the Restroom?

By Peter Renn, Lambda Legal Staff Attorney Q: A transgender work colleague of mine is transitioning to living openly as a woman. After using the women’s restroom without incident for some time, she was suddenly […]

Ask Lambda Legal, December 2015 – The Office Holiday Party

          By Greg Nevins, Counsel and Employment Fairness Strategist Q. I am a lesbian who just started a new job on the management team at a new company. Invites have already […]

Ask Lambda Legal — Was It a Mistake to Tell Someone at Work I’m HIV Positive?

          By Kyle Palazzolo, Lambda Legal Staff and HIV Project Attorney  Q: I’m a nurse, and I love my job. I find nothing more rewarding than taking care of my patients […]

20 Years of Giving

Lavender Media has held its own as a successful business for 20 years since the first magazine issue came out on June 9, 1995. Before that, numerous GLBT publications, both privately capitalized and nonprofit, had […]

Cause for Celebration: 20 Years of Quorum

Twenty years is a long time; no one can dispute that. So imagine the elation Quorum members must feel at celebrating 20 years this year. As a leader in the equality movement, Quorum, the Twin Cities […]

05.14.15 Twin Cities Quorum 2015 Community Leadership Awards Minneapolis MN

Ask Lambda Legal – Day of Silence

          By Christopher Clark, Lambda Legal Youth & Schools Program Strategist Q: I’m in high school, and I want to participate in GLSEN’s National Day of Silence (DOS). I’m out to […]

Ask Lambda Legal – Discrimination As Religion

          By Jennifer Pizer, National Director of Lambda Legal’s Law and Policy Project Q: I was reading about a bakery that didn’t want to make a wedding cake for a gay […]

Skirting the Issues: Light Speed

As much as I detest them, it’s time for one of those end-of-the-year retrospectives/look forward pieces. Actually, I shouldn’t whine: 2014 was quite a year for us transgender folks, maybe even our best year yet. […]

Ask Lambda Legal – HIV and Employment Discrimination

          By Scott Schoettes, HIV Project Director for Lambda Legal Dear Ask Lambda Legal, Q: I have been working at the same company for a few years, and am generally happy […]

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