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A Word In Edgewise: Seeing a Man (Lady) About a Horse

I’ve only twice caused a commotion in a bathroom, well, once in a bathroom, another time stopped by a policeman at the door. Both times I was at the bathroom North Carolina would have deemed […]

Ask Lambda Legal – Day of Silence 2016

          By Christopher Clark, Lambda Legal LGBTQ Youth & Schools Program Strategist Q: I’m a queer/LGBTQ student, and I’ve been out at school for a little while. My school’s Gay-Straight Alliance […]

Ask Lambda Legal, March 2016 – It’s Tax Season

          By Susan Sommer, Lambda Legal Senior Counsel and Director of Constitutional Litigation After DOMA was struck down in 2013, the federal government recognized marriages of same-sex couples for tax purposes, […]

Ask Lambda Legal, February 2016 – Can My Boss Legally Ban My Transgender Coworker from Using the Restroom?

By Peter Renn, Lambda Legal Staff Attorney Q: A transgender work colleague of mine is transitioning to living openly as a woman. After using the women’s restroom without incident for some time, she was suddenly […]

Ask Lambda Legal, January 2016 – What’s Next for the GLBT Rights Movement?

          By Jon W. Davidson, National Legal Director and Eden/Rushing Chair Q: I am a gay man who recently came out and am interested in volunteering in the movement. Lambda Legal […]

Ask Lambda Legal, December 2015 – The Office Holiday Party

          By Greg Nevins, Counsel and Employment Fairness Strategist Q. I am a lesbian who just started a new job on the management team at a new company. Invites have already […]

America’s First Gay Marriage, 44 Years Later

Jack Baker and Michael McConnell sit at their solid oak dining table in their south Minneapolis home. An advance copy of Michael’s memoir (to be released in January) sits in front of them. The memoir, […]

Ask Lambda Legal — What does “intersex” mean?

            By Paul D. Castillo, Lambda Legal Staff Attorney Q: What does “intersex” mean? Intersex is an umbrella term used to describe a wide range of natural bodily variations. Intersex […]

Lawyer Who Defeated DOMA to speak at Free Library of Philadelphia

Courtesy of LGBT History Project By Paige Cooperstein Edie Windsor, charismatic, stylish and articulate, found herself widowed just shy of her 80th birthday. She hadn’t yet been married two years to her spouse, Thea […]

Ask Lambda Legal — Was It a Mistake to Tell Someone at Work I’m HIV Positive?

          By Kyle Palazzolo, Lambda Legal Staff and HIV Project Attorney  Q: I’m a nurse, and I love my job. I find nothing more rewarding than taking care of my patients […]

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