Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: 577

I wanted to take this opportunity and tell the folks at Lavender what an outstanding job they did on the PRIDE Edition. I have been reading the articles contained in the pages of this edition […]

Letters to the Editor: 551

Your editorial “A Coward Strikes Again” [Lavender #550, June 23-July 6, 2016], is shocking and deeply disappointing. To label the actions of a man who “joined” ISIS via cellphone as the police were closing in […]

Letters to the Editor: 550

Dear Editor, Omar Mateen was disgusted at the sight of two gays kissing in Miami. The devout went on to make our community his target of choice among the sea of Western infidels ISIS despises. […]

Letter to the Editor: I Don’t Support “Sick Paid Leave” and that Doesn’t Make Me a Terrible Boss

A good boss takes care of a good employee. See the word “good” in front of each title? For over 41 years my family business has employed hundreds of neighborhood people. During that time we […]

Letters to the Editor: 476

In response to “Minneapolis Energy” in Issue 475:  Speaking as someone who is both part of the Twin Cities LGBT community and part of the Minneapolis Energy Options campaign, I would like to give an […]

Letters: 475

Pride in Pictures Cover: So I go find a dozen copies to bring home for keeping (and giving to family), and I sit down to look through the whole magazine – each and every picture, […]

Letters to the Editor: 466

To the Editor: While well-intentioned and informative, albeit ambitious, I fail to see the point of your Spring 2013 Wedding Issue since Minnesota still doesn’t legally allow nor recognize same-sex marriage.  Perhaps disillusionment and disgust […]

Letters to the Editor: 464

Dear Lavender, About Brett Stevens’ conversation with Rep. Andrea Kieffer… it was a well-written, expressive piece, and I was right there with him up until he wrote this: “There is a romanticization of the idea […]

Letters to the Editor: 462

Freedom to Marry and Priorities [Transcribed from a voicemail message and used with permission.] I did what you or someone else said in Lavender about contacting Mark Dayton, Tom Bakk, Paul Thissen, and Erin Murphy.  […]

Letters to the Editor: 458

Wendy Gaskill via Email: Dear Editor, I was extremely upset reading this opinion piece in your magazine.  This inflamatory article has no place in your magazine.  This is an excellent example of how GLB folks […]

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