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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: 577

I wanted to take this opportunity and tell the folks at Lavender what an outstanding job they did on the PRIDE Edition. I have been reading the articles contained in the pages of this edition […]

Letters to the Editor: 551

Your editorial “A Coward Strikes Again” [Lavender #550, June 23-July 6, 2016], is shocking and deeply disappointing. To label the actions of a man who “joined” ISIS via cellphone as the police were closing in […]

Letters to the Editor: 550

Dear Editor, Omar Mateen was disgusted at the sight of two gays kissing in Miami. The devout went on to make our community his target of choice among the sea of Western infidels ISIS despises. […]

Letter to the Editor: I Don’t Support “Sick Paid Leave” and that Doesn’t Make Me a Terrible Boss

A good boss takes care of a good employee. See the word “good” in front of each title? For over 41 years my family business has employed hundreds of neighborhood people. During that time we […]


My Generation

A Word In Edgewise: A Good Man Is Hard To Tell

From middle school on, I read science fiction, but somehow, though I did read two of this prodigious author’s autobiographical tomes, I neglected Isaac Isamov’s fiction; the iconic Caves of Steel, Foundation series, et al. Only recently, […]


My Story

A Day In The Life: Jaysen Saly

Name: Jaysen Saly Age: 37 Where did you grow up? Sacramento, CA. Where do you live? Currently reside in Roseville but I still consider Minneapolis home. Who do you live with? A friend and a […]

From the Editor: Silver & Gold

We’ve got only a few of issues left in 2017: this Holiday Gift Guide, the Year End Issue with Lavender Community Awards, and the Pride Pages Directory. Two with editorial content and then the last […]

A Word In Edgewise: ‘Tain’t Funny, McGee!

A friend of mine tells jokes—tells them well—and we usually laugh. “We,” being our group that gathers weekly for beverages and low-stakes wagers concerning the relative values of cardboard rectangles. Recently, he launched into another […]

From the Editor: Hybrid Driver

Nah, I don’t drive a hybrid vehicle, but I’m definitely a hybrid of a driver. I’m part of that Xennial generation—the micro-generation be-tween Gen X and the Millennials. Years ago, our age group was referred […]

A Day In The Life: Rebecca Waggoner

Name: Rebecca Waggoner Age: 48 years old…ugh. It’s hard to see that in print. Where did you grow up? Mount Vernon, Arkansas. A town of 150 people, one combination gas station/feed store, and several churches. […]

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