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Threatening Letters Persuade Gay Teacher To Leave Seneca School

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that Michael Hill left his job as a visual arts teacher at Nemaha Central High School, where he worked since 2009, following harassment over his sexuality. Read the full story from […]

There Will Be A Pride House In Russia During The World Cup reports that despite Russia’s law against so-called gay propaganda, there will be an LGBT Pride House in the nation during this summer’s World Cup soccer tournament. Read the full story from 

Lesbian Mums Can’t Register Baby In Italy

The BBC reports that authorities in Turin, northern Italy, have refused to register the baby of a lesbian couple due to Italy’s strict laws making fertility treatment available only to stable heterosexual couples. Read the […]

Hairdresser Sentenced To Life In Prison For ‘Deliberately Infecting’ Gay Men With HIV

GayStarNews reports that a hairdresser found guilty of ‘deliberately infecting’ his Grindr dates with HIV was sentenced to life in prison yesterday (April 18th). Read the full story from GayStarNews 

Coast Guard Refuses To Stop Transgender People From Serving Despite Trump Military Ban

Pink News reports that the US Coast Guard is “committed” to allowing transgender people to serve unless they are explicitly barred, its leader has said. Read the full story from Pink News 

Family Of Bruce McArthur’s Latest Alleged Victim Thought He Was In Hiding After Refugee Status Rejected reports that the Sri Lankan family of Bruce McArthur’s latest alleged victim did not report him missing because they thought he was in hiding after the Canadian government rejected his refugee application. Read the […]

Black Panther Actor’s Porn Video Comes Back To Haunt Him

GayStarNews reports that an actor who had a small role in Black Panther has felt forced to apologize after it came to light that he previously appeared in a graphic, nude video. Read the full […]

Supporters Rally For Gay Teacher Amid Discrimination Claims After He Told 1st Graders About Same-Sex Marriage

The Chicago Tribune reports that a bouquet of flowers sent to a teacher from his husband on Valentine’s Day set off a controversy and claims of discrimination in a rural community at the edge of […]

Gay Novel “Less” Wins The 2018 Pulitzer Prize For Literature

NewNowNext reports that a novel about an aging gay man’s adventures abroad has won the 2018 Pulitzer Prize in Literature. Read the full story at NewNowNext 

Is Illinois About To Start Teaching LGBTQ History To Kids?

LGBTQNation reports that the Illinois state senate has advanced a bill that would require public schools to teach a unit on LGBT history and important individuals, something that only California currently requires. Read the full […]

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