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Gay Cadet Discharged After Diagnosis Fights Military HIV Ban

Pink News reports that a gay cadet’s Navy career came to an abrupt end after a routine blood test revealed he was HIV-positive—but he has since joined the fight against the military HIV ban. Read […]

Teens Threaten Gay-Straight Alliance: ‘They Wanted To Light Us On Fire’

GayStarNews reports that the Gay-Straight Alliance in a Canadian school has been subjected to abuse and threats, according to its members who say that since starting the club at the beginning of the school year […]

Transgender Woman Murdered In Baltimore Is 23rd In U.S. This Year reports that a black transgender woman was shot to death in Baltimore last week, making her the 23rd known transgender homicide victim in the U.S. this year, most of them women of color. Read […]

Police Face Charges In Murder Of Drag Queen And HIV Activist In Greece

GayStarNews reports that four police officers will face court on charges of causing fatal bodily harm in the murder of Zak Kostopoulos, the 33-year-old beloved drag queen and HIV and LGBTI activist also known as Zackie […]

Saskatchewan Advocates Blast ‘Pray The Gay Away’ Methods Aimed At ‘Converting LGBT People reports that advocates in Saskatchewan are calling on the province to ban therapies meant to make people reject LGBT identities. Read the full story at 

Ricardo Lara Celebrates After Becoming California’s First Openly Gay Statewide Officeholder

Instinct reports that Ricardo Lara is making history in California as state’s first openly gay statewide officeholder (meaning an office in the realm of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, or Attorney General). Read the full story at Instinct 

Bi Women, Gay Men At Highest Risk Of Opioid Misuse

Gay City News reports that bisexual women and gay men are reporting higher rates of opioid misuse compared to people of other sexual orientations, a new NYU study, published in the American Journal of Preventative […]

Lesbian Couple Made To Quit Jobs For Being “Too Gay”

Pink News reports that a lesbian couple from Alberta, western Canada, have said they were driven out of their emergency services jobs for being “too gay.” Read the full story at Pink News 

UK Admits It Is Rejecting More Gay And Bi Asylum Claims Than Ever Before

GayStarNews reports that the UK is rejecting more gay and bisexual asylum claims than ever before, according to New Home Office statistics which reveal the grant rate for people claiming asylum on the basis of […]

Pence Criticized For Not Mentioning Gay Community In World AIDS Day Speech

NBC News reports that Vice President Mike Pence’s speech on Thursday honoring the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day quickly drew criticism — not for what he said, but for what he didn’t say. Read […]

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