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South Dakota House Passes Bill To Ban Teaching About Transgender People

Pink News reports that by a vote of 39-30 in the 70-seat largely Republican chamber, the South Dakota House of Representatives has passed a bill that would ban teaching about transgender people in public schools. Read […]

Dr. Mags Partman, PrEP Pioneer Who Helped Thousands, Dies At 44 reports that Dr. Mags Portman — a pioneering figure in the fight against HIV — died Wednesday at age 44 from mesothelioma according to BuzzFeed News. Read the full story at 

Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban Debated At Minnesota Capitol

Inforum reports that, armed with a wagonload of Valentine’s Day cards and stories of traumatic treatment from survivors, advocates pressed Minnesota lawmakers Wednesday, Feb. 13, to ban gay “conversion therapy,” the widely discredited practice of […]

Maine Episcopalians Elect Openly Gay Bishop From Michigan

M Live reports that Rev. Thomas James Brown, an openly gay priest from Michigan, has been elected Episcopal bishop in Maine. Read the full story at M Live 

The NFL’s Pioneering Gay Male Cheerleader Is Happy To Be A Role Model reports that first out male cheerleader of the National Football League — and one of only three male cheerleaders in the entire league — spoke to Refinery29 about his difficult childhood, embracing makeup, and […]

Gay Tunisian Man Jailed After Going To Police Over Robbery

The Times Live reports that a Tunisian homosexual who went to police to report he had been robbed has himself ended up with a six-month jail term, a court and activists said Monday. Read the […]

Algerian Man’s Throat Cut, Then Killers Write ‘Gay’ On The Wall With His Blood

GayStarNews reports that a 21-year-old Algerian medical student, Assil Belalta, died after two attackers came into his room, slit his throat and then wrote ‘gay’ on the wall with his own blood. Read the full story […]

Tennessee Lawmakers Begin New Push To Overturn Same-Sex Marriage

Pink News reports that Tennessee lawmakers have filed a bill to overturn same-sex marriage, which campaigners fear could destroy the fragile consensus on the issue. Read the full story at Pink News 

Andi Mack Makes History With First Ever Disney Character To Say “I’m Gay”

Gay Times reports that Disney just made history with its latest Andi Mack episode when one of the show’s lead characters, Cyrus Goodman, became the first ever Disney character to say the words “I’m gay”. […]

Lesbian Couple Will Marry At The Empire State Building On Valentine’s Day

Pink News reports that a lesbian couple will marry at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day after Fabiana Faria, who grew up in Venezuela, and Helena Barquet, from New York, won […]

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