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Thousands Gather For Gay Pride Parade In Rio’s Copacabana Beach

The Rio Times reports that more than 800,000 flocked to Copacabana Beach on Sunday to celebrate the 22nd edition of the LGBT Pride Parade, despite the lack of financial support from the city, according to […]

Kim Davis Denied This Gay Man A Marriage License, And Now He May Run Against Her

The Huffington Post reports that Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk whose steadfast opposition to same-sex marriage made her a darling of Christian conservatives, may draw a re-election opponent next year that again puts her […]

Turkish Capital Ankara Bans All Gay Rights Functions

The BBC reports that the Turkish capital Ankara has banned all gay festivals, screenings, forums and exhibitions on security grounds, with the governor’s office saying on Sunday that it also wanted to protect public order […]

Surrogate Mother Ordered To Hand Over Baby To Gay Parents

Pink News reports that a court has ordered that a surrogate mother hand over the baby to its intended gay parents. Read the full story at Pink News 

A Republican ‘Family Values’ State Legislator Quits After Having Sex With A Man In His Office

Newsweek reports that an Ohio Republican state legislator who consistently touts his faith and his anti-LGBT stances resigned this week after being caught having sex with a man in his office. Read the full story […]

Anti-Gay Supporters Rally For Roy Moore, Worrying LGBT Community

The Chicago Tribune reports that Thursday’s news conference in Birmingham, AL for Roy Moore was designed to send a powerful message to the political world that religious conservatives across America remain committed to the Christian […]

Shocking CCTV Footage Shows Trans Woman Shot In The Back During Robbery

Pink News reports that shocking CCTV footage shows a trans woman being shot in the back during a robbery in Detroit. Read the full story at Pink News

Jeffrey Tambor Leaves ‘Transparent’ Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

GayStarNews reports that Emmy Award winning actor Jeffrey Tambor will not be returning to the acclaimed drama Transparent after two sexual harassment claims were made against him. Read the full story at GayStarNews

Man Found Guilty Of Brutally Murdering Genderfluid Teenager In Premeditated Attack

Pink News reports that a 23-year-old has been found guilty of killing a genderfluid teenager in a brutal, premeditated attack. Read the full story at Pink News 

Prince Harry Attends Launch Of HIV Pop-Up Shop For National Testing Week

GayStarNews reports that Prince Harry, a long time supporter of charities helping to fight the spread, transmission and stigma surrounding HIV, attended the launch of a pop-up shop today on Wednesday for the start of […]

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