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Lexus Launches Docuseries “It Got Better” on L/Studio

Luxury automobile brand Lexus launched a new documentary series for their L/Studio film portfolio. This six episode series, called “It Got Better,” is a collaboration between producers Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky of the award-winning […]

Archbishop Confronted: Gay Man in 35-Year Relationship Clarifies Archbishop Nienstedt’s Restaurant Comment to the Star Tribune

Last year the Archdiocese distributed 400,000 antigay DVDs* made by the Knights of Columbus meant to stir antigay marriage sentiments. In the Oct. 6, 2012, Star Tribune Q&A with John Clayton Nienstedt, Archbishop for the Minneapolis-St. Paul Archdiocese, one question […]

No Need to Fear Gays Like Me

The Brisbane Times reports that Senator and Minister for Finance Penny Wong has called for people not to be scared by gay marriage and predicted laws would eventually be changed to recognize the worth of […]

Big Gay News: Minneapolis-based Bar Association Urges Members to “Take Action” to Defeat Anti-Marriage Amendment

  In what may be a first in the nation for any attorney bar association, on March 13th the Board of Directors for the Minneapolis-based Hennepin County Bar Association unanimously passed a resolution calling upon […]

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