Event Name: Yoga Teacher Training in Gurgaon

Date: Dec 20, 2018
Start Time: 08:00 am
End Time: 09:00 am
Event Type:
Cost: 70000INR
Contact Person: Devender Kumar
Contact Phone: (999) 971-0033
Address: Aumyogashala DLF Phase 5 D – 14/1 Exclusive Floor Near Lancer School and DLF 5 Club Sector 53
Event Website: http://www.aumyogashala.com/yoga-teacher-training/
Contact Email: info@aumyogashala.com


Living in metro cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida is no short of mental and physical complications. The hectic schedule and a stressed lifestyle keep physical exercises away from the reach. The life has literally become pressure cooker where everyone is just yearning for survival. To curb all the anxieties the modern generation is facing, Aum Yoga Shala brings Yoga Teacher Training in Gurgaon. Become a certified Yoga Instructor and a serious practitioner, gain a pure mind and healthy body with Yoga classes in Gurgaon at Aum Yoga Shala.

Event Description:

The program is designed for all those who wish to excel in the art of Yoga. The training takes place in its fundamental form with an aim to make the holistic science accessible to everybody. With an aim to better the overall fitness, the program offers a Yoga Alliance validated certificate after the completion of the training.

Event Highlights:

• Introduction to Yoga and its various types such as Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, etc.
• Learn about various Yoga asanas and their relevance in modern day society.
• Get acquainted with the correct way of practicing the asanas through the implementation of Adjustment and Alignment.
• Knowledge of yogic teachings based on the ancient texts such as Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
• The practice of different breathing series- Puraka, Rechaka, and Kumbhaka.
• The art of deep relaxation and the practice of Meditation and Yoga Nidra.
• Understand the working of various organ systems of the human body and their effects on the practice of Yoga.
• A complete understanding of Yoga’s spiritual forms in order to bring equilibrium in the mind.
• Study of Teaching Methodology with the understanding of teaching styles and preparation of a Yoga class.
• Tips and Suggestions on how to improve the effects of Yoga on the body.
• The One-to-one interaction between the teachers and students regarding the Yoga training and personal gaps.

Fee Details: Fee for Indian students: INR 40,000 (Indian certificate) and INR 70,000 (Yoga Alliance certificate.

Fee for foreign nationals: INR 70,000 (Yoga Alliance certificate)

Location: DLF Phase 5, D – 14/1 Exclusive Floor, Near Lancer School and DLF 5 Club, Sector 53, Gurgaon.

About Aum Yoga Shala: Aum Yoga Shala is a leading Yoga studio in Delhi NCR. Located in Gurgaon, the studio aspires to create a healthy society despite the shortcomings of a city lifestyle. Believing in the power of AUM mantra, the Yoga studio has a special place for Mantra Yoga in its various programs. The Yoga Shala offers a number of Yoga events such as Daily Yoga classes, Yoga TTC, Yoga therapy, etc., at its center in Gurgaon. The Yoga TTC program is delivered in cooperation with Rishikul Yogshala, a leading Yoga Alliance registered Yoga school.

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