Event Name: Yoga Classes in Delhi NCR

Date: Sep 3, 2018
Event Type:
Cost: 70000INR
Contact Person: Devender Kumar
Contact Phone: (999) 971-0033
Address: DLF Phase 5 D – 14/1 Exclusive Floor Near Lancer School and DLF 5 Club Sector 53 Gurgaon
Event Website: http://www.aumyogashala.com/yoga-classes-in-delhi/
Contact Email: info@aumyogashala.com


One of the major challenges in the life of modern people is to live hassle-free. With the world getting attracted towards technology and effortless facilities, physical health is deteriorating at a fine pace. The competitive nature of this modern scenario has also contributed heavily to the distress of the people. Get acquainted with the fundamentals of healthy living at Aum Yoga Shala’s Yoga classes in Delhi. The program welcomes all those people from Delhi NCR who wish to bring that lost charm, health, and vitality back into their life. Walk freely on the road to a harmonious life while learning the art of Yoga practice.

Event Description

Aum Yoga Shala offers Yoga classes in North Delhi as well as Yoga classes in Central Delhi with an aim to promote the broad-ranging benefits of Yoga among the citizens. The teachers work with you on your mission to gain a completely fit body and mind. Along with the training of Yoga, the trainees are guided towards living a positive life.

Event Highlights:

• Basic understanding of Yoga that includes the meaning and relevance of the ancient science in the modern scenario.
• During the Yoga classes, you will be made acquainted with the various types of Yoga asanas in both traditional and contemporary forms.
• The practice of the Yoga poses in correct forms for targeted benefits.
• Learn about the benefits of practicing each Yoga asana individually.
• The practice of Pranayama for the body parts to receive pure blood and oxygen.
• Learn how to practice various forms of Pranayama
• The art of constant focus, Meditation for mental as well as spiritual advancement.
• Understand the basic principles of Yoga that teach us how to lead our life in a peaceful manner according to Yoga.
• Get basic knowledge of Ayurveda and its philosophies about the life and its existence.
• The practice of intensive Yoga poses for strength building and health management.
• An introduction to Chair Yoga to help you embrace Yoga even while working in the office.
• The art of getting restored to health with various asanas in case of diseases.
• Interaction with the teachers on the issues related to the personal as well as professional problems.
• The practical inclusion of the yogic practice in daily routine

About Aum Yoga Shala:

Aum Yoga Shala has established itself as a trustworthy Yoga house with a number of successful Yoga sessions. Based on the philosophy of mantras, the Yoga Shala believes hugely in the power of AUM and Meditation. Among the many programs that it organizes, Daily Yoga classes in studio, Yoga retreats, and Corporate Yoga Classes are the major ones. Owing to the highly-skilled teachers and their excellent way of interacting with the students, Aum Yoga Shala is among the most loved Yoga studios in Delhi NCR.

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