Event Name: Yoga and Meditation Retreat in India

Date: Apr 4, 2018
Event Type:
Cost: 450$
Contact Person: 8884612008
Event Website: http://shwaasa.org
Contact Email: info@shwaasa.org


The sacred land of India has been housing a number of Yoga aficionados under its devotional roof since ages. The country is embellished with a vast landscape, breathtaking mountains, spellbinding cascades, and majestic rivers, and have been a source of attraction to travelers across the planet. In the vicinity of such amazing beauty and knowledge, Shwaasa Yoga Center is organizing Yoga and Meditation Retreat in India aimed at complete rejuvenation and upheaval. Our Hon’ble Shwaasa Guru welcomes you to celebrate the grand vacation of Yoga and spirituality in the lap of the Himalayas during the Yoga and Meditation Retreat in India.

Date: 04 – 08 April 2018

About the Program: The program in the Himalayas is a 5-Day affair between you, your soul, and the ultimate God. Via the path of Yoga and Meditation, the Retreat is going to fetch you on the panorama of mental and physical revitalization. Let’s have a look at the major highlights of the Retreat:

• Delve into the devotional river of Yoga, its principles, and asanas in the serene beauty of the Himalayan trails.
• Meditate on the Himalayan uphills or by the Ganges’ calm waves to acquire a higher level of spiritual knowledge.
• Witness the traditional and natural galore of India by visiting the Indian towns. Acquire the self-awakening power while strolling through the streets of these places.
• Hiking through the trails of the Himalayas, by the luxuriant biodiversity and snow-laden peaks.
• Catch the glimpse of some of the most peaceful and spiritual monasteries of India and get inspired by the monks and the Buddha’s teachings.
• Give your eyes a moment or two to witness the temples and caves of ancient India.
• Take part in Satsang to form a deeper connection with the divine.

Food and Accommodation

Taste the freshly-prepared and traditional nourishments at our ashram. The meals are prepared in a complete yogic way, taking special care of the health of our guests. During the five Days, you’ll be walking along with the rising Sun, away from the city crowd on the Himalayas’ spellbinding beauty. We give our guests every reason to be thrilled with our well-furnished rooms equipped with all the modern amenities like comfortable beds, TV, geyser, fan, etc.

Fee Details: USD 450

About Shwaasa: Shwaasa Yoga Center is one of the pioneers of the Indian Yoga domain. An effect of Shwaasa Guru’s excellency, the Bangalore-headquartered Yoga school celebrates the International Yoga Day with Yoga Ratna Award, one of the most prestigious awards in the field of Yoga. The Yoga Center is the teaching ground of some of the finest yogis across the globe, owing to the wide range of programs it offers including Yoga TTC, Spiritual Retreat, and the Himalayan Yoga Retreat in India.

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