Event Name: May’s Second Saturday Workshop

Date: May 12, 2018
Start Time: 01:00 pm
End Time: 04:00 pm
Event Type:
Cost: Varies
Contact Phone: (612) 729-2483
Address: 2235 E 38th St, Minneapolis, MN 55407
Event Website: https://www.courageous-hearts.org/workshops.html
Contact Email: info@courageous-hearts.org

Second Saturday Workshops focus on the process of creating rather than the product, because being “good at it” isn’t our qualifier for making art–we believe that all you need is a courageous heart! Workshops are taught by our monthly artist-in-residence and range across expressive mediums from painting, sculpture, writing, acting and more!

Workshop pricing for youth and adults is listed on our website: https://www.courageous-hearts.org/workshops.html Discounts and scholarships are available. Advanced registration is required.

May Workshop Description:
Beginning with a writing exercise, students are encouraged to create a story that can be depicted in a singular image without text. Using the least amount of material possible, participants are challenged with find and arrange collage elements that best reflect their chosen narrative. The primary goal is to introduce the practice of effectively promoting an idea or message with minimal visual cues, while exploring design basics such as composition approach, color theory, and texture.

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