Event Name: Evenings at The Bakken: Fact, Fiction, Fringe!

Date: Oct 19, 2018
Start Time: 05:30 pm
End Time: 09:00 pm
Event Type:
Cost: $12
Contact Person: Angela Julin
Contact Phone: (612) 926-3878
Address: 3537 Zenith Avenue South
Event Website: https://thebakken.org/?event=fact-fiction-fringe&event_date=2018-10-19
Contact Email: julin@thebakken.org

Explore rarely seen artifacts from the museum’s collections and experiment on the fringes of science! Follow the footsteps of innovators throughout history with interactive activities and presentations, and decide for yourself what is fact, fiction, or somewhere in between!

Objects on display will include our infamous Glass Armonica, as seen on Mysteries at the Museum. Invented by Benjamin Franklin and originally used to play “soft” Italian music”, it eventually fell out of favor with its fans after its purported side effects were said to plunge listeners into a “dark and melancholy mood, that is an apt method for slow self-annihilation.”. Try your hand at our own visitor-friendly version and see for yourself!

Make your own lodestone necklace, test your fringe-trivia knowledge, and more!

Curator Adrian Fischer will be on hand delivering two timed presentations focusing on objects such as the Glass Armonica, the history of Franz Mesmer and mesmerization, as well as sharing the more curious and sometimes creepy stories and artifacts from our collection!
Evenings at The Bakken Museum is an excellent opportunity to experience the museum after hours, enjoy a cocktail or drink and experiment with STEM activities in a unique environment. This adult event is for guests 21 years of age and older.

Tickets available now on Eventbrite! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/evenings-at-the-bakken-museum-fact-fiction-fringe-tickets-49483583731

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