Event Name: Anika Kildegaard and Alissa Jacobsen present an evening of voice and violin

Date: Dec 16, 2018
Start Time: 07:00 pm
End Time: 08:30 pm
Event Type:
Cost: $12/10 in advance
Contact Person: Bryant Lake Bowl Theater
Contact Phone: (612) 825-8949
Address: 810 W Lake St
Event Website: http://www.bryantlakebowl.com/theater/anika-kildegaard-and-alissa-jacobsen-present-an-evening-of-voice-and-violin/?mc_id=1136
Contact Email: promo@bryantlakebowl.com

This unique program features Anika Kildegaard, an inspiring soprano and Alissa Jacobsen on violin. This new project explores the power of two melodic voices without the fortification of accompanying instruments. While delving into themes of nature, northern winters and a sense of mysticism, we know you’ll enjoy this feature.

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