Event Name: 9th Annual Cirque du SoGay

Date: Oct 13, 2018
Start Time: 02:00 pm
End Time: 09:00 pm
Event Type:
Cost: $10 - $15
Contact Person: Azul K.
Address: The Hub Bike Co-op, 3016 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406
Event Website: http://queerbikegang.com
Contact Email: cirquedusogay.qbg@gmail.com

Cirque du SoGay is a scavenger-hunt style bicycle ride modeled after urban alley cat races. It started in 2009 after a small group of queer bikers decided they wanted to bring together queer cyclists by highlighting some of the resources in town that support LTGBQ+ people. How you execute your route is up to you! Do all the stops or just the ones you want. No need to be the fastest (unless you want to be!) Prize categories will be decided by the wonderful community organizations supporting the ride this year. Following the ride is an awards ceremony with entertainment and aforementioned prizes of all types.

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