Event Name: 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India in November 2018

Date: Nov 7, 2018
Start Time: 12:00 pm
End Time: 09:00 am
Event Type:
Cost: 1800$
Contact Person: Shwaasa
Contact Phone: (888) 461-2008
Address: 108F, MLA Layout , RMV 2nd Stage, Boopasandra Near Boopasandra Bus-stand, Bangalore
Event Website: http://shwaasa.org/yoga-teacher-training-india/
Contact Email: info@shwaasa.org


Shwaasa Guru’s colossal yogic enlightenment presents an opportunity to delve into the depth of Yoga learning and practice in the sweet month of November. Take your Yoga skill and knowledge to a new level with 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India. Reach the pinnacle of Yoga Teacher Training with this rigorous training program in the Yoga’s birthplace.

Event Description:

Shwaasa’s 300 Hour Yoga program is the final half of the YTTC that takes you on a life-transforming journey. During the program, a blend of traditional, as well as contemporary Yoga forms, shall be taught in detail. The focus is on transforming you into an accomplished Yogi.

Event Highlights:

• Refinement of the previous Yoga knowledge in the introductory sessions with a detailed analysis of Yoga in its historical and spiritual context.
• Pranayama training to better the health condition and body working,
• Knowledge of the spiritual concept of Yoga and its relaxing power with Meditation.
• Complete understanding of Yoga Philosophy as mentioned in the ancient texts including the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
• Learn the art of internal cleansing with the study of Shat Kriyas.
• Understanding of various organ systems and their functions in the body to create a link between Yoga practice and the Human Anatomy.
• Beautification of the asanas with a higher level of Adjustment and Alignment.
• Ayurveda classes on the concept of sustainable lifestyle and inclusion of Ayurvedic food habits into the life.
• Delve into the beauty of Mantra Yoga and its healing power.
• Teaching Methodology sessions to grasp the techniques of interacting with students and teaching a Yoga class.
• Satsang and fire-ceremony to fill the mind with divine energy.

Food and Accommodation

Shwaasa is known for its belief in utterly sattvic food and refreshing accommodation. We offer completely vegetarian food that is prescribed by the Ayurvedic dietary regulations. Our chefs take immense pleasure in preparing delectable nourishment to make our students’ stay at Shwaasa an ultimate delight. A well-embellished room with all the basic amenities to offer a comfortable break is what our accommodation stands for. Each of our room has a large window that presents a great view of the local natural panorama.

Fee Details:

• Rishikesh: 200 Hour YTTC: 1350 USD for shared room and 1500 USD for private room.

300 Hour YTTC: USD 1650 and USD 1800

• Kerala: 200 Hour YTTC: USD 1650 for shared room and USD 1800 for a private room.

300 Hour YTTC: USD 1900 and USD 2100

About Shwaasa: Shwaasa Yoga Center holds a prestigious position in the Yoga community. The leading Yoga Institute was started by Sri Vachananda Ji, widely popular as Shwaasa Guru and follows the principle of breathing as the basis of life. The Bangalore-headquartered Yoga school boasts of a rich yogic heritage and organizes numerous programs such as Daily Yoga classes, Yoga TTC, Himalayan Yoga Retreat, etc. Every year on International Yoga Day, the Yoga Center honors yogis from across the globe with Yoga Ratna Award for their significant contribution to Yoga.

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