Event Name: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh in October 2018

Date: Oct 7, 2018
Start Time: 12:00 pm
End Time: 09:00 am
Event Type:
Cost: 1500$
Contact Person: Manmohan Singh
Contact Phone: (706) 006-0954
Address: Jonk , Swargashram Ramjhula, Rishikesh
Event Website: https://www.rishikulyogshala.org/200-hour-yoga-teacher-training-india.html
Contact Email: info@rishikulyogshala.org

This October, when the monsoon begins to recede and the sky starts showing its elegant color, embark upon the journey of Yoga with 200 Hour Yoga Certification in Rishikesh India. Let your heart and body unify in the spirit of traditional Yoga and Self-Love. Within the confines of the Himalayan foliage and the whisper of the Holy Ganges’, Rishikul Yogshala in the heart of the Yoga Capital awaits to spreads its knowledge and charm onto you.

Date: Oct. 7-Nov 4, 2018

Event Description: 200 Hour Yoga TTC is a month-long training under the supreme guidance of the Rishikul teachers best suited for the beginner yogis looking to become serious in their Yoga learning and practice. The program marks the beginning of evolving into a Yoga Teacher and a refined practitioner.

Event Highlights:

• Fundamental training of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, the two ancient Yoga styles that are the origins of almost all the contemporary Yoga styles.
• Get knowledge of the philosophical teachings of Yoga and learn to implement those in life.
• Channelize the pranic force throughout the human body with Pranayama practice.
• Let the mind, body, and soul unite to form a single point of ultimate peace and knowledge through deep Meditation.
• Understand the anatomical structure of the human body in context of the Yoga practice.
• Application of Adjustment and Alignment techniques for ideal asana performances.
• Get acquainted with the Ayurveda Science and follow its teachings for a better living.
• Know how to become a good Yoga teacher and the art of conducting Yoga classes.
• Satsanga and Shat Kriyas practice for mental and body purification.
• Visit the incredible locale of Rishikesh to witness its charm and historical lineage.

Food and Accommodation: The training program gives you an opportunity to relish immensely delectable food and enjoy the scenic panorama of the surrounding. The food we offer is completely vegetarian based on the Ayurvedic pattern. Our professional chefs prepare enormously sattvic food keeping in mind the need of aspirants’ mind and body. The rooms are spacious and airy offering a comfortable stay at the ashram. A private balcony is attached to each room to make sure the students keep feeling the charm of nature. For a salubrious stay, we make sure all the rooms are decked with modern amenities like TV, twin-beds, fan, drapes, private washrooms, etc.

Fee Details: $1,350 for a shared room and $1,500 for a private room.

About Rishikul Yogshala: One of the masters in the field of Yoga, Rishikul Yogshala holds a prominent position in the list of the globe’s top Yoga schools. Owing to a group of esteemed Yoga teachers, the Yogshala has got international recognition and has 10+ branches in six different countries- India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, and Mozambique. Known for its firm inclination towards traditional Yoga, the Yoga Alliance school conducts various Yoga programs such as Yoga TTC, Yoga Retreat, Therapy courses, Yoga, and Vedanta, etc. The Rishikesh-headquartered institute aims to create a sustainable world that is accomplished with the knowledge of Yoga which it tries to impart in the training programs.

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