Event Name: 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification in Rishikesh

Date: Oct 7, 2018
Start Time: 12:00 pm
End Time: 09:00 am
Event Type:
Cost: 1500$
Contact Phone: (706) 006-0954
Address: Jonk Village, Swaragashram, Ram Jhulla Rishikesh
Event Website: https://www.200hrsyogattc.com/yoga-teacher-training-rishikesh.html


Rishikesh is the land of ultimate beauty. Since the Vedic era, the holy city has been welcoming yogis and travelers across the planet in its exuberating domain. Surrounded by the thriving delight of the Himalayan hills and lush biodiversity, the spiritual capital is known for its quaint atmosphere that is best suited for Yoga and Meditation. The mesmeric sound of the holy Ganges contains enough fuel to guide someone towards the path of liberation and enlightenment. Put the first step in the path of the yogic journey with 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification in Rishikesh. Scrutinize the fundamental aspects of Yoga with 200hrsyogattc’s training in the global Yoga capital.

Event Description: The 200 Hour Yoga TTC marks the beginning of the yogic life. The program is a month-long interaction with our excellent teachers who instill the teachings of Yoga and help build a strong foundation for reaching higher practices.

Event Highlights:

• Insight into the teachings and practices of the Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga
• Get introduced to the teachings of Yoga and practically implement these into your life.
• Breath-based training of Pranayama to regulate the body mechanism with the breathing practice.
• Deep Meditation practice to amalgamate the mind and body with the soul.
• Understand and research the human body to know about the influence of Yoga on the body.
• Advancement of the Yoga asanas and the body postures with Adjustment and Alignment training.
• Learn about the Ayurvedic science and its healing effects.
• Shat Kriyas and Mantra Chanting sessions.
• Learn the art of managing Yoga classes in a perfect manner with Teaching Methodology.
• Laughter Yoga therapy to understand the importance of laughter and recreation.
• Visits and local-sightseeing to Rishikesh’ various temples and Himalayan trails.

Food and Accommodation:

At our center, we offer food of an utmost quality that is fully vegetarian and wholesome in nature. Enjoy the three-times delicious meals prepared by our professional team of Indian chefs along with organic drinks for the overall development of the mind and body. Living in a well-furnished and clean room offering a beautiful view of the beatific Himalayas is no less than a yogic paradise. Every room is embellished with all the modern facilities like twin-beds, TV, fan, etc., to ensure a safe and comfortable stay at the ashram. Rooms can be availed at a sharing as well as a private basis.

Fee Details: USD 1350 for a shared room and USD 1500 for a private room.

About 200hrsyogattc: 200hrsyogattc.com is a Yoga portal that offers detailed and precise information and updates regarding the Yoga programs, Yoga TTC, and the ideal Yoga Vacations within the Indian subcontinent. Started by a group of Yoga enthusiasts, it is one of the most read Yoga websites in India. The portal aims to spread awareness where each and every soul is aware of the remarkable relevance and benefits of Yoga in life. The managing team understands the significance of a good Yoga teacher in the life of a Yogi and thus it conducts the Yoga TTC at Rishikul Yogshala, a registered leading Yoga school.

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