Synagogue Opens “LGBTQ” Café For Teens

By Linda October 23, 2018

Categories: Big Gay News, Top Headlines

Photo courtesy of BigStock/AntonioDiaz

The New American reports that Congregation Beth Hatikval, a synagogue in Summit, New Jersey, has created and will host a gathering spot called Café Q every third Sunday as a safe space for LGBTQ teens in the town and surrounding areas to meet and hang out.

Read the full story at New American

One Response to Synagogue Opens “LGBTQ” Café For Teens

  1. Alan Heider says:

    Cafe Q is a great concept and a needed opportunity for socializing and eventual networking. But what I found upsetting was the fact that all three teenagers at the table had their cell phones front-and-center at the table. Maybe it should be a phone-free zone?

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