Religious Right Loves Anti-Gay Putin

By Pierre Tardif August 2, 2013

Categories: Big Gay News, Top Headlines

The Daily Beast reports that now that Vladimir Putin has declared war on gays, the religious right is in full support of its freedom-limiting tactics.

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One Response to Religious Right Loves Anti-Gay Putin

  1. ms w. j. lovegrove says:

    for those of us christian gays you homophobic christians are missing the point! there is nothing christian about your hatred towards gays! & it is ” your ” sins of hatred against gays, that you preach & teach your congregational members to in turn preach & teach, that jesus died on the cross for! but, of course you want everyone else to be under the impression that you are perfect & that anyone you don’t choose to understand is always wrong. & as far as sin goes, the fact remains we can all rest assured that all of us have fallen short of the glory of God & that none of us can boost save in Jesus Christ crucified, resurrected & ascended. Jesus sent His Comforter at Pentecost so as to do just that: comfort! & rather than embrace & edify, you crush the already broken-hearted and oppressed with more of the same and then dare to brag about it! if you cared about Jesus then you’d stop picking on human-beings that are already oppressed enough as it is!

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