Minnesota House Candidate Makes AIDS, ‘Gay Agenda’ Campaign Issues

By Linda July 10, 2014

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MinnPost reports that in Carver County’s house district 47A, Waconia Mayor Jim Nash is facing off against Norwood Young America businessman Bob Frey in a race in which ‘sodomy’ has become one of the campaign issues.

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2 Responses to Minnesota House Candidate Makes AIDS, ‘Gay Agenda’ Campaign Issues

  1. billyw says:

    the comment in a link posted by an extremist is beyond pale…………

    “The unnamed narrator of the video claims that the anti-bullying bill now being considered by the Minnesota legislature is part of a plot by elites to infect school children with AIDS so that doctors and drug companies can profit from their suffering.” –

    See more at: http://www.bluestemprairie.com/bluestemprairie/2014/03/gruenhagens-campaign-chair-candidate-for-hd47-circulates-awful-dvd-about-anti-bullying-bill.html#sthash.g4m4F6ia.dpuf

    Why is there an anti bullying bill in the state house of MN?

    Back a couple years ago, BAchmanns school district (Hennepin county) was put under the control of a Federal judge for 5 years after 9 kids commmitted suicide in one year. 4 were known gay, most of the others suspected of being gay.

    Bachmanns hubby runs a fix gay program. Being totally discredited, eg the umbrella group Exodus shut down last year and the head, alan Chambers apologized for all the pain he caused

    You don’t change gay people to str8 any more then you can change str8 to gay. What they sometimes can do is drive these people to become pathological liars via inducing self hatred. Many of them , due to the conflict commit suicide

    Very recently Scotus refused to hear a challenge to the fix gays ban by licensed therapists in CA. It was done by Justice Alito, a conservative yet he understood that fix gay is often also referred to as child abuse (NJ also has such a ban and it will spread.

  2. billyw says:

    BTW here is another extremist repub- “Children of rape victims are a gift from god”


    Whats next for these clowns – In Saudi land if a woman is raped, its alwayss her fault as the male judge decides what god wants. Commonly the punshment is she ise whipped

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