Mean People Are So Gay

By Pierre Tardif May 13, 2013

Categories: Big Gay News, Top Headlines reports that homophobes just might be closeted gay people.

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2 Responses to Mean People Are So Gay

  1. Wendy says:

    That’s the thing with oppression; it’s a vicious cycle. They have had someone(s) &/or someone(s) is/are being mean to them. Then on top of that given that many denominations & faiths indoctrinate them to believe that in order to please God they must be ie. against people being gay or: ie. against people (gay or straight) having to take meds for bipolar or schizophrenia …
    Peer pressure from “organized religion” & within organizations can get confused with hearing what their Higher Power ( “is” in fact saying re: the above examples of issues & more besides, if they don’t get away from the ones that are doing such a # on their psyche.
    If & when they do manage to break free atleast that much, can they then find out if they are gay+ hers or gay+ gay, ni, or whatever…

  2. Wendy says:

    Typos: gay + hets rather than hers & bi rather than ni! 🙂

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