It’s Gay Marriage’s Moment

By Pierre Tardif June 22, 2015

Categories: Big Gay News, Top Headlines

The New York Times reports that before the end of June, a month associated with wedding bells and wedding cake, the Supreme Court will issue a major decision about the right of two men or two women to exchange vows in a manner honored by the government. It may well extend same-sex marriage to all 50 states, making it the law of the land.

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One Response to It’s Gay Marriage’s Moment

  1. It’s about time! Should have been all 50 across the board. I missed marrying my Partner of 20 years who was terminal with Cancer. It passed in our State 4 months later! She’d already passed away. She was retired & I’m on Disability & she tried to set her Annuity from the Government so it would come to me. She was told we’re not related or married! So now I love with my Sister & her Family. Not what I pictured at age 52!

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