“Gender Bender Day’ At School Stirs Controversy; Parents Suggest It Promotes Homosexuality

By Linda May 29, 2013

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The Huffington Post reports that parents of students at a Wisconsin elementary school are up in arms over the theme “Gender Bender Day,” and at least one mother suggests the event may promote homosexuality.

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One Response to “Gender Bender Day’ At School Stirs Controversy; Parents Suggest It Promotes Homosexuality

  1. Wendy says:

    I think this gender bender day was about giving the “walk a mile” in another’s shoes a chance, rather than as some have reacted to it as a chance to demonize certain people rather than to even attempt to walk a mile in their shoes. & issues, when exacerbated by the process of demonizing someone tend only to cloud the real issues.

    There have been so many moments in my life when I wish that people ie. without a brain chemistry imbalance could experience what having one can be like, in terms of the vast array of symptoms & the being ie. ignored, taunted & mocked, incl. the incessant innuendos that had they had it instead they’d have been able to cope so much better.

    Bipolar (Manic Depression) is something that heterosexuals & GLBTQ can have. But, it’s more of a double whammy if one is Gay “&” bipolar, as one is often ostracized in regards to both having bipolar & being of the GLBTQ, being subjected to the incessant goading by so many with their double messages of: come here to go away, to we insist that you open up, to why the heck don’t you shut up, because we don’t give a damn about you. Because all we want to do is tell you that “we’ve” decided that the Good Lord above has decided that you are a bad

    Hmmm…so encouraging! Pardon my sarcasmo.

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