Gay-Only Room Advertisements May Be Illegal

By Pierre Tardif July 4, 2012

Categories: Big Gay News, Top Headlines

PinkNews reports that landlords’ adverts which specify that only gay people, or people from a particular racial group or gender, should apply to rent a room in their home may be illegal, a BBC investigation suggests.

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One Response to Gay-Only Room Advertisements May Be Illegal

  1. Jessica says:

    You know that first post? Dated 2004? Well he did it. And that guild is still around. And it is ineedd called Radikal Faeries. It’s one of the oldest, non-Proudmoore, gay-friendly guilds out there.And they’re working on getting a mirror guild on the Horde side now. Faerie Radikals. If you’re on Suramar (which is a US west-coast based server), now you have two choices.

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