Dozens Arrested For Being Gay In North Nigeria

By Linda January 15, 2014

Categories: Big Gay News, Top Headlines

USA Today reports that local and international groups fighting AIDS warned on Tuesday that a new Nigerian law criminalizing same-sex marriage and gay organizations will jeopardize the fight against the deadly disease.

Read the full story from USA Today

One Response to Dozens Arrested For Being Gay In North Nigeria

  1. Nick Settich says:

    The new law passed in Nigeria is dubbed “Ban The Gays”. The United States has paid the bribe happy regime in Nigeria over a billion dollars in “financial aid” over the past two years. They are considered one of our strongest partners in our war against terror in the region. We have put up with much corruption and other poor decisions in the past. Now, the new law allows the “Sharia” laws in the north of the country to be enforced and 11 men can now be legally stoned to death in public. Their crime was to love another human being. We must stop aid and take a stand against murder and hatred.

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