Doctor Diagnoses California Man With “Chronic Illness” – Being Gay

By Linda August 13, 2013

Categories: Big Gay News, Top Headlines

Queerty reports that when Matthew Moore started seeing a new doctor, she diagnosed him with a B-12 deficiency, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and being faaaabulooouuuuus.

Read the full story from Queerty

One Response to Doctor Diagnoses California Man With “Chronic Illness” – Being Gay

  1. Wendy Jane Lovegrove says:

    Amazing that the people that bully those having a chronic mental/physical illness (regardless of the latter’s sexual orientation)


    that bully glbtq, (regardless of the glbtq person’s mental/physical health) can’t see “their” behaviour as being chronic behaviour that’s deviant!

    They, instead, ie. brag about their neglect & abuse of these human-beings & then wonder at the results not turning out great, to say the least!

    “&” then: they blame the ones they have already been beating up on again & again & again, year after year after freaking year:

    yet some more!!!

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