BigGayNews for Monday, June 26, 2017


Today’s Top Headlines

Finding Gay Suburbia Heaven In Golden Valley

Gay Chorus Group Drowns Out Anti-Gay Protestors With Music In Knoxville

Pride Flag Now Flies At Ridgewood High School

German Opposition Party Fails To Force Gay Marriage Vote

3 Responses to BigGayNews for Monday, June 26, 2017

  1. Alan says:

    Si it’s not over finally? Awesome 🙂 what happened?

  2. Andy Lien says:

    Oh, sorry, Alan. The podcast is still over, but there was a glitch in this post and it played last Monday’s. Thank you so much for supporting us, it’s hard to say goodbye to it, but it’s time. Take care and thank you!


  3. Joseph Cannella says:

    You’ll be sorely missed. My ride to work is about 10 minutes. BGN was the perfect commute podcast for me. Is there an email list I can sign up for to still get the BGN I should be following?

    Much appreciated for all of your work and the work of Lavender Magazine. When I came out at 43, I binged “watched” BGN. You’ve been a great connection to the community news.


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