BigGayNews for Friday, September 11, 2015

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Tennessee Store Sells Out Of Anti-Gay Merchandise

European Man On Trial For Homosexuality In Dubai After Reporting Robbery

Fayetteville Voters Pass Civil Rights Ordinance

Freed Kentucky Clerk’s Deputy Says He’ll Keep Issuing Gay Marriage Licenses

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One Response to BigGayNews for Friday, September 11, 2015

  1. Alonzo Wesley says:

    I’m a Transgender Father of 9 children 7 which i have adopted 1 child that I have permanent custody of, and my girlfriends son who I also helped reach the age a maturity. I want to take on the state of Minnesota and Child protection, for harrassment, custodial interfearment, abuse of power and bullying. Someone, Keeps calling child protection on me. However, after 8 years of allegations not only have they accumulated a 3 inch file on me. Yet, in that whole file they don’t have 1 substantialated case of findings of abuse on me! yet, with this last allegation, they left a message that says that they know that the allegation never happened (by the way, I kept the recording) and I have a P.C.A and a public home care nurse willing to say it never happened. I have also, have our family therapist, my physical therapist and occupational therapist willing to say I don’t have the strength to abuse my children. However, they continue to make comments like ma me and asking my children if they want to call me mom or dad. Also, they have harassed me and interfered with me raising my children. And have even threatened me that if I refuse to voluntarily work with them that they will retaliate and have a judge court order me to work with them. Now, 5 of my 9 children are now adults all have graduated from high school 4 of the 5 work and are on their own and the fifth lives with me but is working and in college and the 4 remaining children who also have challenges! First of all They keep calling me mam/women. They have even taken it to the point of asking my children do they want to call me mom or dad. Because of their blatant discrimination my kids are starting to exhibit behaviors relating to the interfearment of child protection. For instance my 16 year old now refuse’s to call me dad. This wasn’t a issue before their interfearment also, Since they have continued to harass us they are now having issues like wetting the bed and nightmares because they’re affraid that the state is going to remove them from their home. My 11 year old is now so bothered by the situation that he is now on anti-depressants, and doing cutting. my 16 year old says that if I don’t do what he want he is going to call Hannah the child protection worker involved that he is going to call her and lie which he repeated to her in front of the P.C.A. my 8 year old, wetting the bed having nightmares and is acting out now. My 10 year old is wetting the bed again, and having nightmares. I need to put a stop to this. I know that Child protection is in place to protect the child. But what happens when C.P. knows nothing happened yet due to their issues surrounding their preconceived notions about my gender they have continued to us their power and control to still harass us. How do we hold them responsible for their actions.

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