Big Gay News for Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today’s Top Headlines

Pink Anti-Semitism Is No Different From Brown Anti-Semitism

NFL To Probe Scouts, Asking If Player Gay

School’s Transgender Ruling: Fairness Or Discrimination

Why Straight Women And Gay Men Are Often So Close

Scientists Say Baby Born With HIV Apparently Cured

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One Response to Big Gay News for Tuesday, March 5, 2013

  1. Juan7us says:

    Choosing people for work or other positions because the race,sex, sexuality,etc is a for of discriminations.Condolezza Rice will be happier to know she was elected for her position because she is talented, competent,intelligent and not because is black and woman.Other gay people can do the same with me and shoose me or not because I’m gay.The law must be applied for every one the same.If we think that gays or women have different, or a latino will be in my side or think or take decisions softer I will like to have a judge one of them, but is not to me choose the judge,if we set up that gays will be in my side make no gays be againts me.Thinking that because we are gay support of gays can make not gay act againts not gay.How many times you go to the store and the gay employee is rude,cold,ignore you and the straight guy is nice,attentif, professional.If the employer doesn’t know I’m gay and need to select a person and know the other is gay,I will be authomatically eliminated and discriminated,or is he is latino will shoose me even is the other is more competent than me and he is discriminated. Many people wont pay attention or understand what I say here and wont try to be with me, but is good to know and understand that discrimination is very complicated and think about that inf important because we can end discriminating our self.
    I’m not afraid if have the possibility to talk about that with more detail and make people think more than twice. I was victim of discrimination for other gay people and latinos.
    Thank you.

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