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Chanhassen’s Joseph Dream On!

Something I was abundantly thankful for at the turkey dinner: This year, an iconoclastic alternative (is it ever!) to the season’s smarmy Christmas crap. For those who prefer naughty to nice, Chanhassen Dinner Theatre saves us...

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Chastity Brown

A bit more than two years ago, Chastity Brown decided to leave Knoxville, Tennessee, for the bigger city—in this case, Minneapolis. Brown recalls, “My first thought was, ‘Holy shit! I don’t know anyone here, and this is a big...

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Nutcracker & The Rat King

Photo by Aaron Fenster. Photo by Josh Cragun. Photo by Carol Rosegg. Photo by Carol Rosegg. Catch Me If You Can Touring Company. Photo by Carol Rosegg. “Gay men have taken to their hearts the music of Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky...

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Quentin Crisp Was Flamboyant Gay Celebrity

The death of author and raconteur Quentin Crisp at the end of the 20th Century represented the passing of one of the last grand queens of a bygone era. Crisp, originally named Denis Charles Pratt, was born on Christmas Day in...

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Changing Family Values

We were in Province -town for a much-needed vacation this year the week after “Family Week.” Not much evidence of the thousands of kids and parents who made the pilgrimage. No broken strollers strewn about like urban detritus....

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