Town House Hosts Benefit for Stewart Olerich

By Lavender March 28, 2008

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A 30-year-old singer with the voice (and looks) of an angel, Stewart Olerich is well-known in our community. He performed with the popular group DiscFunktion, which disbanded after a number of years of musically enchanting audiences. He was a talented karaoke host with Mia Dorr’s Premier Entertainment. He also bartended at the Brass Rail.

Stewart Olerich (center) with Mia Dorr (left) and Leyla Dupey (right) of the now-defunct DiscFunktion.

Late last year, an unkind twist of fate befell this all-around nice guy when he was hospitalized with bacterial meningitis. It caused him to lose his hearing—an absolute necessity for a singer, of course. On Valentine’s Day, he received cochlear implants in his ears, but only time will tell how much of his hearing they will restore.

On April 6, the Town House, in conjunction with members of Triangle of Hope, is hosting a benefit for Olerich to assist him with expenses.

It gets under way with Mother Pearl’s Bingo from 3 to 5 PM. All proceeds go directly to Oelrich.

Awesome live performances follow from 5 to 7 PM, featuring Ti-Néa, Total DiscTrackTion, Mia Dorr, Leyla Dupey, Barbara Gordon, Loring Mitchell, Felicity St. James, John W., Tracey Trover, Molly Hasbrook, Billy Clark, and many others.

Throughout the event, raffles will be conducted for fabulous prizes. To donate prizes, e-mail

If you’re unable to attend the benefit, donations to Oelrich may be sent to him care of Dana Pagitt of Premier Entertainment, 241 Yosemite Circle, Golden Valley, MN 55422

Let’s all turn out to give to this wonderful man who himself has given so much to our community.

2 Responses to Town House Hosts Benefit for Stewart Olerich

  1. Kyle Barrie says:

    S.J. (Stewart) Oh my gosh I have just found out about everything. I am here to say. U and I grew up in the same small town of prior lake. And we have knowen each other for ever. I cant belive this happand to you. but i am here to say I am here for you and will do anything you or your family need. You know i am just a call away so let me know. Remember you and I went through alot living in prior and we made it out and stronger so i know you have the will power and muscle to get though this hard time. I will be thinking about you alot as i find ways to help you and make the life easier for you. You gave me strangth in high school so please let me return the favor. I am here for you know kid.

  2. Kyle Barrie says:

    oh ya it is from kyle b or as you may remember sparky

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