The Warble

By Wanda Wisdom September 22, 2011

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I am not Sister Wendy. I have better teeth, my accent isn’t as creepy, and I’m not a nun. I’m really not a nun. Oh, and I know practically nothing about fine art or art history. I’ve always had to rely on the kindness of my arts-while gal pals to fill in my gaping art history hole. So, when my editor told me to write something pertaining to the classics of the art world, I looked at her blankly. Um, really? I’m a drag queen. Who has a makeup artist. Because she can’t paint her own face. Art is not my forte. So, I decided to leave it up to you guys. Yup, that’s right, my gal pals! And the amazingly talented staff at Lavender. What Robb Grier does to my actual face, Mike Hnida here at Lavender does to my print face in the magazine. Over on the Facebooks, I asked you guys to tell me which famous work of art would you want to see me in and why. You responded with gusto. As did Mike. I can almost hear my blood-curdling warble jumping off the page.

Russell D Whistler’s Drag Mother is brilliant! I’d like to see a tranny waitress version of Wanda behind the counter in Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks instead of that dried up old fry cook.

Jd S IDK which but i think it would have to be a Salvador Dali painting cuz some times when I listen to the progrum it’s like Alice fell down the rabbit hole and right into the scream…

Kyle B Guernica by Picasso because if my world was ending I’d want Wanda to be there with me!!!

Brian B Something by Keith Haring, but with big hair and jubblies!

J’nelle J Portrait of Mademoiselle Dubois by Alfred Stevens of Belgium.

Noah P Piss Christ.

Brian B The Wanda With the Pearl Earring or The Night Watch…with the little girl replaced with Wanda.

David F Rose on the fainting couch from Titanic.

Michelle T American Gothic.

Mike W Whistler’s Drag Mother.

Becca S Mount Wanda (aka Mount Rushmore).

Roberta E Mona Lisa.

Jeff B The Last Supper.

Augustine C The Scream by Edvard Munch, because the expression is the ne plus utra of camp.

Jack G Kathe Kollwitz’ self portraits because she was so depressing and ugly and you’re the opposite.

Brandon B The Birth of Venus.

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