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Home Is Where the Health Is

It’s an enterprise where its practitioners work tirelessly to put themselves out of business. The enterprise is providing shelter for those touched by HIV. “Inadequate housing is a tremendous barrier to achieving good health—especially when […]

Rainbow Reading

GLBT Literature is Black and White and Read All Over. “Unasked by night; I am true Love, I fill The hearts of boy and girl with mutual flame.’ Then sighing, said the other, ‘Have thy […]

A Total Eclipse of the Start

From the Beginning, A Local Couple Prove To Be Anything But Star-Crossed It all came together, more or less, in August of 2017. Two Minnesota girls had come all the way to the Cornhusker State, […]

A Preemptive Strike on HPV

An Ounce of Vaccination Might Be Worth a Ton of Cure You—yes, you, as in Y-O-U, the very person reading this very article N-O-W—might well already have it and not even know it. If you […]

Days of Future Pride

Pioneers Remember the Dark Days Before Rainbows The youngest members of our GLBT tribe could be forgiven for concluding that Pride was little more than an excuse for companies, big and small, to cash in. […]

Rippling Through a Mirror Brightly

Serving Families Is a Reflection of Prestige Pools’ Origins “Form Follows Function” is a basic architectural notion erected by the father of skyscrapers, Louis Sullivan; and, although he intended that notion to apply to buildings, […]

“Getting Hitched” – Urban Growler Brewing Company Provides Time to Vow and Space to Wow

When you hoof your way through the Capital City’s Saint Anthony Park neighborhood, it’s not hard to invoke an earlier time, especially when you get to 2325 Endicott Street. You notice straw-colored brick that, supported by […]

A Many-Splendored Thing: The Bisexual Organizing Project Tries to Take the ‘Bi’ Out of ‘Bisexual’

Love is a many-splendored thing, according to poets and pundits aplenty, something members of a community composed of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people, and others, know very well. But one of those sub-splendors is […]

Follow The Bouncing Ball: The North American Gay Volleyball Association Serves Equality to Local Players

“As many gay people know, sports, especially male sports, are pretty homophobic,” Scott Kilburg asserts. “I had been called homophobic slurs while playing in the ’90s with straight people.” Sometimes the slurs were less personal […]

“Where There’s Smoke” – Demoted Firefighter Dan Benson Alleges Anti-Gay Departmental Discrimination

Dan Benson has made headlines in recent weeks, after being surprised by a demotion he received due to a poor performance review in his capacity as battalion chief for the Eagan Fire Department…but Benson disputes the […]

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