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Leather Life: Int’l. Mr. Leather Weekend Turns 40

In 1979, the first International Mr. Leather (IML) contest was held in Chicago. About 400 attendees watched twelve contestants compete. Now, fast-forward four decades. In 2018, during Memorial Day weekend and again in Chicago, the IML weekend […]

Leather Life: Pride—and “RESIST”

It’s time again for Pride, in both GLBT and leather flavors. And this year, Pride is coming not a moment too soon for me. I have seen so much happening lately, nationally and internationally, that ranges […]

Leather Life: A Surprising MN Leather Pride Weekend

Two titles were awarded—and, surprisingly, one was not—at the 2018 Minnesota Leather Pride contest weekend. The contest was held Saturday evening, April 7, 2018 at LUSH. Five contestants competed in three concurrent contests: Sir Zachariah BlackFyre competed for […]

Leather Life: IML Leather Market in Lyrics

This year marks the 40th International Mr. Leather (IML) contest (May 24-28, 2018). For many years, one of the major attractions of the IML weekend has been the Leather Market, which started in 1988 with five vendors. […]

Leather Life: Buster is Mr. Twin Cities Leather 2018

This year’s Mr. Twin Cities Leather (TCL) 2018 weekend was held at The Saloon from Friday, Feb. 16, to Sunday, Feb. 18. Sponsored by Twin Cities Leather & Latte, The Saloon, and The Nicollet Diner, the weekend […]

Leather Life: Clubs, Organizations, and Community

This issue’s Leather Life column has been based on, and inspired by, a recent community discussion about the many clubs and organizations that are such an important part of the leather/BDSM/fetish community both in the Twin […]

Leather Life: Leather Evolution, 2018

“What do a kitty, two puppies, a jock, and a Sir have in common?” That was the opening sentence of the official press release for the Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2018 contest, which was held the evening of […]

The Pictures Tell the Story: Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2018 Contest

The Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2018 competition was held the evening of Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017 at the eagleBOLTbar. The evening’s contest was part of an entire weekend that included a Friday night “Greet the Meat” […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Leather Life

1. Resist Brassard “Resist” brassard made of black and pink leather, a Twin Cities Leather and Latte exclusive design. Attaches to the epaulet of a leather jacket and then wraps around the shoulder and arm. […]

Leather Life: Speak Up Reach Out: Daniel Peterson, 1991–2017

I just returned home from a fundraiser that was bittersweet in the extreme. It was entertaining, but it also was tinged with a profound sadness. I am writing this while the memories and feelings are […]

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