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Ms. Behavior®: Drunken Amnesia and Lusty Lesbian Liaison

Dear Ms. Behavior: My friend Dave and I celebrated his promotion by going out for dinner and drinking too much. I’ve always been attracted to Dave and in our drunken silliness, I somehow managed to […]

Ms. Behavior®: Lesbians, Babies, Boyfriends, and Girlfiends

Dear Ms. Behavior: My best friend and her girlfriend just had a baby. Ellen promised that she wouldn’t become one of those mothers who only talk about feeding schedules and nipple chafing and poop. But […]

Ms. Behavior®: Little Boy Toy Lost and Dashing Marriage Dreams

Dear Ms. Behavior: I met these two guys last year and we hit it off. We had a lot of fun as a group, going to parties and out to the bars. I guess you […]

Ms. Behavior®: Practicing Proctology Without a License

Dear Ms. Behavior: I’m not a proctologist (at least not by formal training,) but as a gay man in my extremely early 40s, I’ve had many first-hand experiences with an amazing variety of assholes.  These […]

Ms. Behavior®: Forced Monogamy and Feeling Funny About Fantasizing

Dear Ms. Behavior: What do you think of a man who demands monogamy before even being in a relationship? I met Joel at the gym and we’ve had several dates that have, surprisingly, not resulted […]

Ms. Behavior®: Body Pillows and Cross-Dressing

Dear Ms. Behavior: My girlfriend recently came home with this new addition to our love bed: a body pillow.  The five-foot-long pillow is like having another person in the bed with us!  Between the bolster […]

Ms. Behavior®: Trust Your First Impressions and Drunken Sleepover Regrets

Dear Ms. Behavior, A while back I met a man online who said he had trouble meeting other men.  It seemed like we had some things in common, so we kept in touch by email […]

Ms. Behavior®: Wild Sex Worries and Lesbian/Straight Friends With Benefits

Dear Ms. Behavior: My sweet younger boyfriend Jake has invited me to his childhood home in another state for a week-long vacation, and to meet his family. He’s very excited about my visit, and insists […]

Ms. Behavior®: Lesbian Hostility and Forced Bisexuality

Dear Ms. Behavior: I am very curious and disturbed by the overt hostility exhibited by lesbian women! I am a gay male, active in the community, and have had multiple opportunities to interact with all […]

Ms. Behavior®: Breaking Fashion Rules and Gospel Choir Bullies

Dear Ms. Behavior: I feel that you are the only one who can help me in this crisis, and indeed I have nowhere else to turn.  Here is my dilemma: I happen to look good […]

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