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Local Music: Cade Bittner

Former celebrity assistant takes the spotlight. Cade Bitter, a Minnesota local, has returned from adventures in both New York and L.A. to release his debut EP album “Survivor.”  For a 19-year-old Bittner, New York brought […]

Local Music: Ellis – Ellis Continues to Strike a Chord With the GLBT Community and Beyond.

Ellis is full of spunky spirit, candid charisma, and an overall enthusiasm for life. So, it should come as no surprise that she has gained a strong following throughout her musical career. “I grew up […]

Beauty Isn’t Frivolous

Love is about the inner beauty, the meshing of two personalities that complete each other to their fullest form. The need to feel beautiful on your wedding day is not frivolous. It’s just as important […]

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