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Fashion: Denim Distilled

We’re celebrating summer at Norseman Distillery with Raul Osorio’s latest menswear collection. This local designer and Project Runway alum is noted for his ability to tailor hard lines with soft textures and create innovative ready-to-wear […]


Growing up, I was a huge fan of the James Bond franchise. The World is Not Enough was a personal favorite. The hot trifecta that was Denise Richards, Sophie Marceau, and a younger Pierce Brosnan […]

At-Large: The Other Tyler Perry

“I’ll give you $10 if you hold this sign for me,” Tyler Perry said to a homeless man who was panhandling on the street corner. The homeless man took a look at the sign. It […]

At-Large: Baby’s First Buzz

Toward the end of the show, after a laser-fast costume change, we would run to wait behind the curtain at center stage. On a musical cue, the drapes would open and a small circular spotlight […]

Fashion: Sweater Weather

Photography, styling, and art direction by Taylor Hall O’Brien Hair by Whitney Vermeer / Skin by Andrea Hotline Models: Ricky Graham and Tay Godsey at Ignite Models Produced by John Mark Vintage sweater from Bearded […]

At-Large: 10 Things I Learned in 2016

Reflecting on a year of love, pain, and adventure, here are some of my fresher dispositions on life. Take them as a grain of salt. I’m still growing. 10. Apologies only count if they’re real. […]

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: John Mark

Meltdown Kim Tee Someday we will tell our grandchildren about this woman. Keep the obsessions alive for years to come with this indulgent moment in popular culture, immortalized on a T-shirt. You wish you didn’t […]

Five Dates for Cold Days

I love going on dates that end with a walk around the lake or a walk through the park, but it’s soon to be an arctic tundra outside. (Why do we still live here?) Here’s […]

At-Large: Personal Style

I recently dyed my hair blue, pierced my ears, and thrifted for a bunch of new clothes. For some, this is considered a standard Friday, but for me it was an emotional occasion. My hair […]

At-Large: 5 Female Heroes Over 50

The building I work out of is shared with a summer camp program called Sisters of Sound, part of a larger nonprofit called She Rock, dedicated to empowering girls, women, and female-identified folks through the […]

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