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Fellowes has Traversed from Indictment to Embrace with a Magnificent Big Screen “Downton Abbey”

On rare occasions, one sits in a movie theater and from the moment that rare film starts, one is plunged into a new dimension. You’re clearly in the magical hands of a masterly vision. And […]

“Smokey Joe’s Cafe” at the Ordway Illuminates an Era

From the early 1950s to the mid-1960s, no songwriting duo stands out like lyricist Jerry Leiber and composer Mike Stoller. Their smash-hit tunes were sung by African-American singers like Ben E. King and “Big Mama” […]

Darling Boyz!—”Pray the Gay Away” is Vibrant Farce that Crackles and Sparkles!

Endless love and endless mischief turn, twist and shout in what is surely one of the best farces of the 21st century so far. The inspired Pray the Gay Away takes one of most charged conflicts of our […]

Artistry’s Lovely “Our Town” Sheds Light on its Women – By Gay Master Playwright Thornton Wilder

“There’s something way down deep that’s eternal about every human being.”                                                 […]

“This Is Not Berlin” – Under Age in Mexico City’s Club Scene during the Rise of AIDS

That period in the early to mid-1980s when word was still getting out about a lethal virus known as HIV is the backdrop of This is Not Berlin (Esto no es Berlin). The setting, like the title […]

Off-Broadway Star Shavey Brown Tells About “Smokey Joe’s Cafe” at the Ordway

  Shavey Brown qualifies as a bona fide Off-Broadway star. The acclaimed actor was the first African-American to play the lead in the Off-Broadway revival of The Fantasticks. To put that into perspective, this was the longest running musical […]

Arts Spotlight: 634

Chicago Sept. 18-Nov. 3 Ritz Theater, 345 13th Ave. NE, Minneapolis (612) 339-3003 Theater Latte Da, renowned for its musical productions, is reviving the Bob Fosse classic about women in the Windy City living […]

A Captivating Caryl Churchill Double Bill from Frank Theatre at the Gremlin

Caryl Churchill has built a worldwide reputation as one of theater’s perpetually innovative playwrights. With Escaped Alone and Here We Go, two one acts she wrote in the middle part of this current decade, she plunges headlong into […]

Q & A with Vince Kelley of “Pray the Gay Away” at the Cowles Center

Vince Kelley moved to Minneapolis from New York with his partner only a few years ago. The Detroit native has already been on the Guthrie stage in A Christmas Carol and has sung with the Twin Cities […]

Band Group’s Magnetic “Bent” Vividly Depicts Third Reich Homophobia

Playwright Martin Sherman significantly made the world at large aware that queers were targeted in earnest by the Nazis during Adolf Hitler’s reign of horror and terror. His 1979 drama, Bent, begins in 1934 just as […]

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