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The Guthrie’s “West Side Story” is a Revival That May Be Unsurpassed

A few years ago, the Guthrie Theater’s Joseph Haj directed a glorious production of South Pacific that was actually better than the 2008 Tony-winning Lincoln Center revival. He has now achieved a West Side Story […]

Flawless Romantic Performances in a Gay Comedy Gem – “Electricity” at Camp Bar Cabaret

With Electricity, playwright Terry Ray deftly chronicles gay experience from 1983 to 2013 with a resplendent mix of hilarity and tender emotions. Ray also plays one of the two roles in the Off-Broadway bound tour of the […]

Dane Stauffer on reprising his “Glensheen” musical role at History Theatre

The History Theatre has revived the Minnesota musical, Glensheen, created by the state’s most widely produced playwright Jeffrey Hatcher, and composer/lyricist Chan Poling, who gave us what’s come to be known as the Same-Sex Marriage […]

A Disturbing Satire on Corporate Globalism – Gremlin’s Revealing “Ideation”

The notion of nation-states and national sovereignty is often derided. However, when nations are superseded by multinational corporations, much accountability can shift from a community’s grassroots where local courts formerly had authority to board rooms […]

Hit Gay Play from LA and Palm Springs: “Electricity” at Camp Bar Cabaret with Fundraiser for the Aliveness Project

Struggle creates bonding and love. That’s one of the themes of Terry Ray’s acclaimed human comedy and Los Angeles hit, Electricity. Ray, who also acts opposite Mel England, performed this hit two-hander in Los Angeles […]

Arts Spotlight: 603

Carmen July 13-24 Mill City Museum Ruin Courtyard 704 S Second St., Minneapolis 612-875-5544 Georges Bizet’s Carmen is an opera that those who think they wouldn’t like opera will go to see and find out they […]

Andrew Lloyd Webber Mixes Majesty with Mischief – “Love Never Dies” at the Orpheum

You don’t have to have seen Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera to enjoy Love Never Dies, his sequel, now on stage at the Orpheum Theatre. However, if you have seen it, you’ll witness […]

Dark Night of the Gay Soul – Robb Krueger’s “Room Enough” premiered on the Phoenix Theater stage

In all the time history has been recorded, there has never been anything as overarchingly catastrophic for gay men as a group than the AIDS epidemic. It began in the early 1980s, and it was […]

Captivating Catholic Speculations on Shakespeare – Walking Shadow’s “Equivocation”

Equivocation, a play by Bill Cain, speculates that the 1605 Gunpowder Plot to blow up the House of Lords did not actually happen the way history books tell us. At that time, William Shakespeare was […]

Arts Spotlight: 602

The Kinda Fella I Am – Stories It is right that those who write bravely are acknowledged for doing so. Moreover, those who write both bravely and brilliantly must be all the more […]

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