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The Forgotten Continent

Photos courtesy of Heidi FellnerIt’s safe to say that I got the standard K-12 education that most of you did, the end result being that I know far more about Ancient Rome than I do […]

Remodeling a Business: Baker Knapp & Tubbs

It used to be that the best furniture was kept from the general public, available only to interior designers and their wealthy clients. The rest of us in the lower furniture caste have unfortunately grown […]

A More Perfect Union

The decision to marry is a deeply personal one, and can be one of the most significant decisions a couple can make. It ties their finances, their families, and their future into a knot that […]

The Best Goodbye

Erin Hennessey had been looking for a golden retriever for several months when she finally met a gentle soul named Sadie.  “It was love at first sight.  I wanted a golden my whole life, and […]

Beating the Winter Blues

This winter has thus far been pleasantly mild for Minnesota–mild enough that some people have kept the radio waves busy pondering global climate change.  However, even a moderate season can give you a touch of […]

Making Sweet Love: St. Croix Chocolate Company

There should be some ancient historical bond that connects chocolate with lovers.  But the old world was only introduced to chocolate through the voyages of Christopher Columbus and Hernando Cortez, who was granted his first […]

Off the Eaten Path – My Favorite Year

I traditionally focus on one restaurant in my column.  However, my editor and I agreed that it might be appropriate for both the season and the times if I were to instead take a look […]

Off the Eaten Path: The Amsterdam Bar & Hall

The Amsterdam Bar & Hall draws thematic inspiration from its namesake city, complete with Dutch spirits, traditional pub fare, and a triple X logo, which mimics the city’s flag.   And, somewhat like the former colonial […]

Off the Eaten Path: Wilde Roast Cafe

After many years happily spent serving customers on East Hennepin, the Wilde Roast Cafe is technically not a new restaurant. However, with its recent move to St. Anthony Main, an overhauled menu, and expanded beer […]

Business Profile: ProHome Renovating

While the housing market remains slow, large-scale remodeling projects are just not paying off for homeowners. However, smaller remodeling projects, say, a kitchen update or a bathroom remodel can have a positive impact on your […]

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