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The Aliveness Project

In the United States today, HIV and AIDs are largely no longer seen as a death sentence.  Many people experience HIV/AIDs as a manageable life-long or chronic illness.  The key word is “manageable.”  But AIDs, […]

Commentary: Messing with God’s Design

True story. My goddaughter, MK, attends the third grade in a parochial school in the East Metro.  A few weeks ago, her teacher was leading a discussion with her students about the good works that […]

Commentary: A Bill for an Act

1.2 proposing an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution; adding a section to 1.3 article XIII; forbidding marriage between individuals of differing races. A bill being considered for the 2012 Minnesota Legislature will ask members to […]

Commentary: It’s Important To Know Our History

The Minneapolis GLBT-plus community’s annual Pride Celebration just ended, and according to recent items in Lavender, it was a time to party! In Lavender’s Pride Edition (June 2), a column by Justin Jones, (“Sugar & […]

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